5 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in a San Diego Charter School

As you are looking to enroll your students in a school, you will quickly realize just how many options there are out there available to you. One of the popular types of schools is the “charter school.”

What Is a Charter School?

A charter school is a popular (although typically less common than traditional public schools) choice among families that prefer independent schools, established by teachers, parents or community groups, that are publicly funded. Charter schools have a little more freedom in how they structure their school than traditional public schools.

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1.    Charter Schools Are an Alternative to Public Schools

Each state has their own type of public school and curriculum that must be met before a student can be considered for passing a grade. Charter schools provide an alternative to the traditional public school while still meeting curriculum standards of the state. For families that want their children to be a part of a different educational environment, a charter school is a great place to start.

2.    Charter Schools Have More Opportunities for Innovation

When enrolling a student in a charter school, you will be placing your student in an environment where teachers can cater to individual learning styles of students. This means that the school (and as a result, your student) will have more opportunities to be innovative and potentially change the educational system.

3.    Each Charter School Is Unique

When charter schools are created, they are formed by a group of people, typically teachers, parents or community groups. When a school is formed by different people with different upbringings and goals, rather than by a state government, they will be formed with different priorities and methodologies. This allows parents that want to enroll a student in a unique school to truly find a school that is a good fit.

Each school is unique and may cater to different interest groups, such as those that want to focus on the arts, for students that have behavioral challenges, for those that want specialized or more challenging curriculum, and many more types.

4.    Charter School Management Can Change Over Time

As time goes on, the school’s team of management can change and evolve to include different groups over time. This can be important for some families that prefer diversity and to want to see positive changes over time within the school’s educational system. When researching schools, understand who runs it, who started it, and the current philosophy of the school system.

5.    Charter Schools Depend on the Performance of Their Education

In most states, there are authorizers (charter boards, school boards, universities, etc.) that could potentially shut down a charter school based on the school’s overall performance. This means that charter schools, despite their overall freedom, must still be effective at educating their children and creating worthwhile results in their students. In other words, charter schools are often more engaged with their own school in order to keep the school going.  Charter schools work very hard to provide a high quality education to students.

Always make sure to do your own research when investigating a school. Ask friends and family, look for reviews online, and make sure that a school you choose is the perfect fit for your student.