6 Ways to Help Your Child Concentrate on School Work

how to concentrate on online school work

Childhood comes with a lot of challenges, particularly when it comes to school work, and one of the most common is trying to find a way to concentrate and stay focused. While each child will differ in the way they learn and retain information, there are a few tried and true ways to keep the attention of the student on the task at hand. Here are six ways to help your child concentrate on school work so that they can excel at academics.

#1: Educate Kids on Positive and Negative Study Habits

While it may seem like common sense to you, knowing what a positive study habit is versus a negative one may be a challenge for your child. They may only see that they get the task accomplished even when the TV is on in the background, but they may not understand that the quality of work is going to suffer. Explain why procrastination and distractions like social media and television will only hinder their progress and educate them on the best methods for success like being well rested, focusing on one task at a time, and following through with scheduled study times.

#2: Get the Heartbeat Up

A few jumping jacks or a ten minute walk outside can do wonders when it comes to studying, and this may be all your child needs to get through the last half hour or so of a homework or study session. Find fun ways to get the heartbeat up for a short amount of time, and then use that energy to concentrate.

#3: Show Them How It’s Done

You can set up a study time for you and your child occasionally, and you will find that when you practice what you preach, they will follow. Whether you are getting involved in an academic hobby of your own or you are working from home, showing them what an organized and quite workspace is like and what can be accomplished in it is an excellent way to create good habits.

#4: Remove Distractions

Because online schooling and school work will be completed at home, you will want to ensure you have a clutter free work station set up for your child where distractions are removed. You can even set up more than one station to give your child a chance to switch it up. For example, if they spend the school day in the home office, make their study area in the dining room.

#5: Take Breaks

Breaks are important if you want to keep the momentum going and the study sessions successful. Take a break every hour for five to ten minutes to move the legs around, grab a drink of water and a snack, and to use the bathroom. This will also help keep your kids from finding a multitude of excuses to leave the study station because they can take care of these things during the break.

#6: Recognize a Job Well Done

Don’t forget when your child has a successful study session, let them know that they are doing a fantastic job and you are proud. Recognition can go a long way and it can keep them motivated to move forward with positive study habits.