7 Myths About Online Schooling

myths about online school

Online schooling is an ideal way for students to make the most of their education while also keeping a flexible schedule. Many parents have found this style of schooling to be invaluable because it allows their kids to participate in other academic and extra-curricular activities without the constraints of a traditional schedule. However, even with these benefits and more, there are still some people that shy away from it because of a few myths out there about online schooling. Here we debunk 7 of them.

#1: Teachers Do Not Need Credentials

Reputable online schools will ensure that teachers have the proper credentials and that they have the education background that students deserve to learn from. Beyond having the proper credentials, our teachers provide individualized attention for each student.

#2: Online Classes Are Not As Challenging As Traditional Classes

If you think online classes are easier than traditional classes, then you are caught in another myth. While the classroom setting will be unique due to having multiple students, it will be no less academically challenging when you go with a reputable establishment. Additionally, online classes require students to have more self-discipline and self-motivation than a traditional class would.

#3: It’s Easier for Students to Be Dishonest

As with any classroom setting, cheating will be something that is monitored and instructors will work to ensure students are using honest practices to complete assignments and exams. However, some people believe that is easier for students to cheat online and that simply isn’t true. Just like in a traditional setting, plagiarism will be detected via software. Also in an online setting, webcams and identification will be used to ensure the students are completing the tasks themselves.

#4: The Diploma Is Not Recognized Nationally

While you will want to be mindful about the school that you choose and do your research, you will find that there are many outstanding online schools that are recognized nationally. You can also learn more about transferring credits and cost when you call.

#5: Online Schools Are Not Accredited

Do not rule out online schools because you do not think they are accredited. We are accredited from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and many other online schools take their accreditation as seriously as you do. Once again, when you do your research, you will discover that online schools take academics as seriously as traditional schools.

#6: Student Won’t Have Access to Teachers

Even though a student may not be in same physical room as their teachers, trust that they will have the opportunity to ask questions and get clear answers. They will also follow the curriculum that is required to move forward in each grade.

#7: The Quality of Education Is Not As High

When you take advantage of online schools for your child, you will find that you not only get the same level of quality when it comes to education, but the quality can even increase because there are fewer distractions and your child will be able to focus on each task at hand. As with all schools, the more your child puts in, the more they will get out of it, no matter the setting.