Advanced Learners

Are you unsure whether or not your child is one of many advanced learners that would benefit from homeschooling? Gifted learners carry a set of characteristics that are usually easily identified. While your child does not need to carry any or all of these characteristics in order to be one of the advanced students at San Diego Virtual School, they will help you to spot if your child is gifted. You can always contact us and inquire more about what this means for your child and his or her education.

Demonstrates Advanced Skills

If your child constantly uses advanced words well above what’s normal for their age range, or if he or she exhibits other advanced academic abilities, communicates well with parents and teachers, and otherwise excels at tasks above his or her age range, he or she may be an advanced student.

Highly Independent and Self Motivated

Gifted learners have often have an uncommon level of independence when compared to peers of the same age. Advanced students have longer attention spans, work well on their own, progress quickly at their own pace, easily retain information, and exhibit an impressive level of self-motivation. Some advanced learners can even have better self-motivation and independence than adults who are significantly older than them.

Very Inquisitive and Creative

Gifted learners know how to ask questions and consistently inquire why or how something works. Advanced learners are curious about how the world works and want to understand the fundamentals of a lesson rather than simply studying for the sake of getting a good grade. Learners of this stature are naturally very creative and are generally good at using this creativity for problem solving.

Loves Challenging Topicsadvanced learners in online school

It’s not enough for more advanced students to simply understand a topic that’s on the test or in the syllabus. Students with advanced levels of intelligence and motivation are naturally curious about more advanced topics. Even if they do not directly correlate with what’s required in their schooling, an advanced student is willing to go even further in the pursuit of challenging themselves during their studies.

Not all advanced students are required to have these characteristics, but they serve as a great starting point for discovering advanced learners among your children. If you are uncertain about whether or not your child is considered gifted or if our programs will be suitable for him or her, simply give us a call and we will help you to make an informed decision about whether or not online education is right for your students.

Homeschooling gifted students is an important aspect of giving them a proper education that meets their needs and adequately challenges them. Advanced learners may not feel comfortable in a traditional educational system, and San Diego Virtual School can help them by providing an environment and resources needed to become educated at their own pace. Give us a call today to get started with an online education program that will adequately challenge your gifted student and give them the tools to excel much faster.

Advanced learners face certain difficulties while attending traditional schools. Often, these difficulties hold gifted learners back from fulfilling their full potential. San Diego Virtual School allows advanced students to achieve their highest potential as we’re able to resolve the challenges gifted students face in traditional school environments.

In order for an advanced student to benefit from our program, they must be no older than 19 years of age. In addition, the student must reside in San Diego, Orange, Imperial, or Riverside county.

Home Schooling Gifted Learners

A gifted learner is able to learn at a much faster pace than the average student. As a result, they are held back by having to wait for the rest of the class to catch up. This puts their education to a stand still, often resulting in boredom. With our online charter school, a gifted student no long has to put their learning on hold to wait for the class to catch up. Our program for gifted students allows students to learn at their own pace. If they are able to work faster than the average student, they can move on to reach their academic goals quicker.

Our customized courses are self-directed, so a student is able to take more advanced courses to further their learning. As a student is in control of their education through our program, they are able to spend more time learning in a fashion that works around their own schedule.

With the schedule flexibility, students are able to work around their own schedule, opening the door to other possibilities. Students are able to get on the fast track to college courses or internships to help set the foundation for their future while they work to complete high school.

In addition to achieving their educational goals faster, advanced learners will also benefit from the support they need. Our California credentialed teachers offer hands-on support in a safe and secure online environment. Students will benefit from interactive learning, while receiving one-on-one support that isn’t often found in traditional classrooms. Plus, they’ll advantage from state-of-the-art technology to take their education even further.

The courses offered for our gifted learners are customized to meet a student’s strengths and weaknesses; therefore, we’re able to focus on the areas where they need extra help while furthering the subjects where they excel. Students are able to take control of their education to graduate sooner while having the necessary foundation they need to succeed in college.

Our WASC accredited program meets state educational standards. If you’re ready to help your gifted learner reach their full potential, contact our professional advisors today to learn more.