Benefits of an Online Education

The world is changing drastically at a break-neck pace, and while some things may remain the same for a time, just about everything will have to adapt to the technology-driven era that we now live in. Education is no exception. Online colleges and universities have seen a huge boom in enrollment, and it is estimated that about one-third of all college students take at least one class online at any given time. That is a far cry from the traditional college experience that many of us one had. Even more than that, however, is the increase in online education for younger students, including those in both middle school and high school. While private schools and homeschooling have all been available as alternatives to a traditional public school environment, more and more students and parents are discovering the benefits of an online education and are jumping aboard this fast-growing educational revolution. The more people enroll in online schools, the more those online schools have resources to pour back into their educational models, and the more the students benefit. If you’re considering enrolling your child in an online school or allowing them to take some virtual learning classes, get in touch with San Diego Virtual School to learn more and see for yourself all the amazing benefits that an online education can provide for your child.


By far, the number one benefit of getting an online education is the flexibility it allows. Most families first begin exploring online schools due to the increased flexibility. Students at traditional schools spend a lot of their time at school doing busywork, traveling between classes, socializing at lunch, and waiting for their next class to start. With an online learning environment, students don’t have any of that downtime, meaning they can get an entire day’s worth of lessons done in half the time (or less!). Online students can also work at any time. They typically need to check in with instructors regularly or log on a certain number of times per week, but that can be done at any time, day or night. If your student is a night owl, he or she can start their lessons at midnight rather than at 7 am. If you have a busy family schedule, assignments can be done on the weekends. Many of our students are those with unique schedules, like military families, students who work full-time, or those who are training or competing in athletics, performance arts, modeling, and more. No matter why you need the flexibility, online schooling offers it.

Soft Skills

Students will learn hard skills, or job-specific skills, in college or during training for a particular job. Soft skills are things that employees are expected to have mastered already before applying for a job or beginning a career. Unfortunately, many high school and college graduates lack these soft skills that are vital for their future success. Thankfully, however, many students who are virtual learners are able to practice and master these soft skills while in school due to their unique learning opportunities and atmosphere. Soft skills include communication, empathy, self-discipline, adaptability, work ethic, teamwork, flexibility, self-motivation, conflict resolution, time management, problem-solving, critical thinking, and more.

Positive Environments

A traditional school environment can be very challenging for some students. There are a lot of distractions and interruptions during learning time, peers can be mean, and even teachers can be discouraging and unsupportive. At San Diego Virtual School, we pride ourselves on our positive learning environments, and so do many other online education programs. Students interact in our virtual classrooms through group chats, discussion boards, and the like, and we are always so proud of how respectful and encouraging they are to one another. Our teachers set the tone for a supportive and positive environment, making all students feel safe in expressing their feelings and contributing to class discussions. If your child has struggled with focus, bullying, or social anxiety in a traditional school, an online education might be perfect for him or her.


More Access to Instructors

Many people believe the myth that online students never interact with their teachers. This is incredibly far from reality. In fact, many of our teachers are available at a variety of hours and they are always willing to offer extra assistance or answer questions for students who seek them out. Students don’t have to wait days or weeks to get to class to have their needs addressed because they can email or message their teachers at any time, helping them right when they need it and encouraging their motivation and progress on assignments.

Better Preparation for the Future

Whether your child goes on to complete an online college education or not, online learning will prepare them for the future better than any other educational environment. Not only will they have mastered the soft skills necessary for them to be a successful adult, but they will also understand the importance of personal responsibility and independence. Those two things are completely vital for high school graduates to have success in anything they take on after high school, including a job, a college education, or a training or certification program of any kind.

An online education offers countless benefits to students, no matter their age, grade level, or educational experience. While middle school students may need a little more assistance navigating their online learning environment at first, independence and self-discipline are skills they will master in a short time, followed by all the other important soft skills that young people need. To learn more about enrolling your child at SDVS and getting the best online education available for him or her, contact us today.