“Career Cruising” at SDVS launches this week!

SDVS is pleased to announce a new online college and career assessment tool that all our students have access to.  It is a great website that will allow you to explore different careers that match your interests and skills.  Here are some exciting features you will find:

Assessment Tool
ccSpringboard’s much-praised Career Matchmaker Interest Inventory is based on a methodology that is respected and admired everywhere it is used, because it’s more powerful than any other interest assessment. Matchmaker doesn’t just provide students with a ranked list of careers they should learn more about, it explains why. This depth gives students valuable insights they can use as a springboard to further career exploration and discovery, making the learning process a rewarding and enriching experience.
Living Portfolio
The Living Portfolio is always just a click away while students are navigating the personal inventories and occupational learning pages, making it easy to build and grow a valuable storehouse of knowledge, ideas and action plans. We call it a Living Portfolio because it grows and evolves with each student, transforming career exploration into pathways to success. It’s more than a place to keep information—it’s a place to nurture dreams.
Engaging Content

Students enjoy one-click access to hundreds of up-to-date, detailed occupational profiles designed to bring the real world into the classroom and ignite their imagination. Each multimedia profile includes a full job description, typical working conditions, required education and training, expected earnings, plus links to related occupations and other useful resources specially chosen to encourage further investigation.

How to access the site:
www.careercruising.com  (To get your username and password, please contact your teacher)
If you have any questions, Mrs. Bridges, SDVS’s college and career counselor, would love to talk with you.  She can be reached at hbridges@sdvirtualschools.com
career cruising

career cruising