Credit Recovery High School Program in San Diego

credit recovery program in san diego

Credit Recovery High School Program of San Diego

At San Diego Virtual School, we provide credit recovery classes to students who need to make up high school credits that they may have fallen behind on over the years. As a credit recovery high school, we can help any student in high school that has fallen behind on classes and wants to catch up, provided that they qualify for the credit recovery classes.

San Diego Online Credit Recovery Program

At San Diego Virtual School, we provide online credit recovery to eligible students in high school who are behind in their classes. As the city’s leading credit recovery high school, our credit recovery program is designed at an accelerated rate, allowing students to make up credits and restore their GPA much faster than that of other schools.

The online credit recovery program, while designed to be done in just a matter of months on the side of normal school coursework, can also be done at a pace that suits the needs of the child. If your family has an unpredictable schedule, San Diego Virtual School makes it easy to find the time to recover low or lost school credits.

Benefits of Credit Recovery

If a student has failed a class, that student, if eligible, can take a credit recovery class to raise his or her grade and make up the credits that he or she is missing. In most cases, it’s not enough to simply take the same class and course material over a second time. Even if a student has paid attention the entire time, it may take a fresh set of course material to provide the education and insight needed to understand it fully and attain a passing grade.

With San Diego Virtual School’s credit recovery solutions, students can take their classes online when it’s convenient for them. If students have busy schedules or just want the flexibility to do coursework at home, at the library, or anywhere else with internet access, they can enjoy that option.

Are you or your child ready to get started with a credit recovery high school program? Whether students are currently enrolled or looking for alternatives, give us a call today at San Diego Virtual Schools. We will help students recover lost school credits and get caught up with their classes to help them meet their academic goals. Contact us today to learn about eligibility for enrollment in our credit recovery classes.