A Day in the Life of An Online High School Student

One of the exciting aspects of taking classes as an online student is how much flexibility you have in your daily schedule. If you have work, family commitments or other time restraints, an online virtual high school can help you manage your busy schedule and still get an incredible education. Here are a couple of possible daily routines for an online student, but keep in mind, each student can shape their own schedule.

online high school student day and night schedules


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The Early Riser – Some students like to complete much of their schoolwork during the earlier part of the day to meet other commitments later.

  • 7am-8am – Get showered, dressed and have breakfast.
  • 8am-9am – Log in to school and check in with your teachers about questions on your assignments.
  • 9am – 12pm – Work in your online classes, take notes, ask questions, and interact with your teacher using either the chat room, phone, or e-mail.
  • 12pm – 1pm – Lunch break!
  • 1pm – 2pm – Log in for more assignments and check in with your teacher with any more questions.
  • 2pm – 3pm – Exercise and fill out your PE log.
  • 3pm and later – Enjoy your afternoon after a great day at school. This time can be spent with family, working at your job, with friends, etc.


The Night Owl – Some students prefer to complete more of their coursework later in the day.

  • 8am – 8:30am – Get showered, dressed and head to work, grabbing breakfast to go.
  • 9am – 12pm – Head to your workplace or take care of other important obligations.
  • 12pm – 1pm – Take a lunch break, log in, and check in with your teacher via chat, email, or phone, anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • 1pm – 4pm – Finish shift for work, extracurricular engagements or other obligations.
  • 4pm – 8pm – Complete assignments in your online classes; e-mail your teacher with any questions you have to be addressed the next day.
  • 9pm – 10pm – Dinner and exercise. Fill out your PE log.
  • 10pm and later – Relax, read, work on a hobby, and get a good night’s sleep.