2019-2020 EPA Plan


Proposition 30 established the Education Protection Account (EPA) to receive the additional tax revenue that will be collected from the higher sales tax and income tax rates due to its passage November 2013.

These funds were apportioned from the EPA to school districts as part of their revenue limit starting in June 2013. However, school districts will not see an increase of new money in state funding. Instead, EPA funds will simply replace state General Fund aid (revenue limit funding) on a dollar-for dollar basis.
The creation of the EPA by Proposition 30 has created an accountability component.

These components are the following:
Criteria of how to spend the funds are mandated by the state. The governing board must approve the spending plan during a public meeting. School board approves the expenditure plan before the expense has occurred.

The district is required to publish on their website the amount of funds received and how the funds were expended.
The school district’s auditor will verify the compliance of expenses during the annual audit.

In accordance with Proposition 30, San Diego Virtual School is providing their expenditure plan under the Education Protection Act for 2019-20.
The 2019-20 EPA funds for the district is estimated to be $725,536.
It is proposed that EPA funds be used to pay for the salary and benefit costs of certificated teaching positions. Any difference in revenue and/or expenditures will be adjusted in teacher salaries.

Description Function Amount
Certificated Teacher Salaries and Benefits Direct Instruction $725,536
Total $725,536