How Our Online Education Works

How does this program exist?

The State of California, and many states across the country, has seen the need for more options in education. These options include charter schools, which are public schools, but are frequently run by their own individual school board. San Diego Virtual Schools have their own school board and their own unique set of rules, policies, procedures and program. San Diego Virtual School is a free program. Since this is a public school program, the same funding used for traditional students can be used for online students; therefore there is no fee for taking online courses for most students.

How does this online education work?

Because all of our courses are online, your class schedule is flexible; class begins when you login online and ends when you log out. Our online curriculum is rigorous, engaging, and self-paced. All of our courses are backed by our highly qualified staff of California-credentialed teachers who are available via instant message, phone, or email. We also offer a 24/7 student support environment so that you can get help when you need it.

When do I attend class?

Just as in a traditional school, students must engage in their coursework every day of the regular school week and show weekly progress. Students may log in to their courses any time of the day or evening. Failure to attend courses regularly may result in withdrawal from the program.

How quickly can I move through the course?

All of our courses are set up on a 120 calendar day schedule, similar to a typical semester. However, you move through the course at your own pace.

What is the schedule like?

Our courses are semester-length courses. You must complete your courses within the regular course term length to receive credit.