Teaching & Curriculum

Who is my teacher?

Teachers for each online course is are California-credentialed, highly qualified, credentialed teacher who has extensive experience in teaching both in the traditional school system as well as teaching online courses. Site based teachers are also California-credentialed, High Qualified teachers. Each SDVS site-based teacher is assigned a group of 20-25 “advisee students” to supervise their overall educational program. Students are able to draw from the knowledge, support and help of numerous experienced and caring teachers and staff on-site and online.

How can I contact my teacher?

You may contact your assigned teacher instantly through our popular instant messaging service. Also, you may use e-mail, fax, or toll-free telephone to contact a course teacher. California credentialed teachers are on-demand via phone, email, or instant message. Teachers are available for 1:1 interaction 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST Monday through Friday, as well as 24/7 tutoring. And, our customer support team monitors the phones 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week to help you.

As an online student, will I still be required to take State Mandated Tests?

Yes. All students in the San Diego Virtual School program will be required to physically attend and take all STAR and CAHSEE assessments at one of our testing locations throughout the region in the spring.

What do I need to do to succeed in a San Diego Virtual School course?

When you take an online course you need to prepare yourself as you would for any course in a classroom setting. Key differences are that your teacher is online and not face-to-face, and your lessons are on a computer. In an online course, time management is critical to success because most activities can be accomplished asynchronously, which means you don’t necessarily have to be online at the same time as your instructor or other students. It is crucial that you take advantage of the numerous opportunities available to get help when you need it; online and your local teachers’ job is to make sure you receive the support you need to be successful. .

What materials are needed in order to take San Diego Virtual School courses?

All of the courses offered by San Diego Virtual School can be taken 100% online so there is very little need for any additional materials, except for some advanced courses. All you truly need to begin your coursework is Internet access and a computer.