Technical Requirements

San Diego Virtual School allows students to complete academic courses online. Although middle school and high school courses online are similar to traditional educational institutes, students complete their work online. All students need for our school is access to a computer and an internet connection to benefit from the same accreditations as traditional schools in an interactive and safe online learning environment.

What type of software or hardware will my computer need to take these courses?

Our school software and hardware requirements to complete the courses are basic requirements for most computers. Our online school software is compatible with Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh. The operating systems needed are also basic features on most computers. We do recommend you have a high resolution monitor, an audio adapter, and speakers.

Do I need a high-speed internet connection?

You can successfully access our courses and high school course outline with dial-up connections, but we recommend high-speed access for the best experience. When high-speed internet connections, even WiFi, are combined with the school software needed for the courses, completing work will be quicker and easier.

Do I need a special internet browser?

No. Our online courses are supported by common internet browsers. Courses can easily be accessed through numerous internet browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla browsers, and Safari.

Will I need special plug-ins or applications?

To promote the learning experience and to increase productivity, there are certain browser plug-ins and helper applications we recommend. For example, Sun Java Runtime Environment, Macromedia Flash Player, and a compatible media player will make the learning experience more enjoyable. In addition, Apple QuickTime Player and Real Player will be beneficial.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the technical specification for the school software, contact San Diego Virtual School to speak with our technical support team.