Feeling Overwhelmed or Stressed? Try These Study Tips!

study tips

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed with your studies? It can have negative effects on not only your studies, but you as a person, too. It’s important to find ways to manage harmful stress and reduce overwhelm as a student. Try out these tips and see what works for you!

Raise Your Awareness: Find Your Stress Triggers

One of the quickest ways to come down from a state of stress and overwhelm is to start being aware of when you’re actually stressed and overwhelmed. Simply being consciously aware of your stress, rather than just “feeling stressed” and not realizing it, can help to lower the intensity of that stress.

While it’s not an immediate “fix” for your stress or overwhelm, as you become more aware of your state of stress and overwhelm, start to look for what triggers that stress. In some cases, these triggers we identify that cause our stress are what we need to fix.

For example, if you have a lot of assignments to complete, but not enough time to do them, that can cause a lot of overwhelm for a student. But if you identify that “having a lot of assignments to complete” is a trigger for your overwhelming feelings, then you can look at potential solutions to try for that scenario. You can then focus on scheduling out your time more effectively to meet all of the demands you have around those assignments.

Maybe that would mean cutting back on other activities and entertainment, which you might not have done had you not been aware of that particular trigger causing your overwhelm.

Other potential triggers for stress and overwhelm to explore:

  •        Not understanding a particular topic or an element of that topic
  •        Fear around participating in online discussions or during in-person meetups
  •        Uncertainty about what to do after elementary or high school

Get Moving

A more direct solution to reducing levels of stress and overwhelm is to get your body moving. Especially for students who learn online, which involves a lot of sitting and the potential to spend even more time online, physical activity and movement is needed to help release endorphins (which help in elevating mood).

It’s a temporary fix, but moving, like going for a walk or doing some exercise, can distract you from some of the problems you’re facing. Sometimes you’ll find other solutions and answers to problems you’re facing simply by getting yourself active and away from the source of the stress.

Take Control of Your Time and Avoid Being Overscheduled

Just like we discussed above about triggers for stress, a schedule that is overbooked can cause a lot of stress and overwhelm in students. When things start to get busy and crowded in your schedule, it’s time to set personal and academic priorities and work them into your daily and weekly schedules. It can be beneficial to look at bigger projects and break them down into bite-sized tasks that you can tackle in smaller hourly or daily segments, rather than one large task.

Incorporate the Practice of Positive Thinking

Often times, stress and overwhelm can come about as a result of thinking negatively about yourself, your studies, or your situation. Many times we do this without even realizing it, and most students (and even adults) can go years without catching it. But once you become aware of negative thinking, you can switch it around to focus on positive thinking and incorporate it into your lifestyle.

Find a Relaxation Technique that Soothes and Calms You

Trying to power through everything you need to get done, or just trying to “muscle through” any stress you’re facing, can cause your stress and overwhelm to get worse in some cases. Instead, look for some relaxation techniques that sound interesting to you and try a bunch until you find something that works for you.

Explore: meditation, listening to music, visualization, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, and so on.

Once you know a technique that can help to calm and soothe you (and your stressed mind), you can pull it out in times when you’re aware of yourself getting overwhelmed and stressed.

These are just a few tips to help you get started with overcoming your stress and overwhelm and into a better, calmer, and more relaxed state of mind. Contact us today to learn more about online schooling and the strategies you can use to help you stay focused and calm throughout your years in online education.