Field Trips

San Diego Virtual School strives to provide students with the same educational experience they would receive if they were to attend a traditional school, which is why we provide many school field trips and extracurricular activities. Throughout the school year, San Diego Virtual School arranges field trips to a number of locations in and near San Diego for students to benefit from fun and educational learning opportunities.

While many schools have decreased or eliminated middle school and high school field trips, we feel San Diego field trips are an important aspect of the educational experience. Field trips provide students with additional educational exposure that simply cannot be experienced in a school environment. These educational trips provide an alternative form of education through interactive learning. This style of learning helps students retain more information, no matter if they are visual, auditory or kinetic learners. Through hands-on and visual learning activities at cultural and educational institutions, students learn and have fun in an informative setting to better understand concepts taught through our curriculum.

San Diego Virtual School provides a variety of high school and middle school field trips to offer students additional educational resources to foster their academic success. Here are a few of our upcoming field trips our students can join:

San Diego Zoo

Entrance to the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, San Diego, California.

Entrance to the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, San Diego, California.

San Diego Virtual School students in grades 6-12 are invited to learn about rare and endangered animals at the San Diego Zoo. The San Diego Zoo is home to over 3,700 animals and more than 650 species of plants. Students have the opportunity to explore the animal exhibits to view an extensive collection of birds, reptiles and mammals. The zoo also hosts an arboretum, which houses a rare plant collection. The field trip is free for SDVS students, and parent chaperones are invited to join the attending faculty members, Mrs. Bridges and Mrs. Mena. Space for the field trip is limited to 50 students and 4 chaperones, so students will need to RSVP and return their permission slip by September 25, 2015. Students must bring their own lunch and must remain with their chaperone or group for the duration of the field trip.


Centennial at Balboa Park

detail-of-the-carvings-on-the-casa-de-balboa-building-in-balboa-park-in-san-diego-USA-1600x1677San Diego Virtual School students in grades 6-12 have the opportunity to attend a field trip to the Casa de Balboa building at Balboa Park with Mrs. Bridges and Ms. Laterza.  Casa de Balboa is a historic building built in 1915 in Balboa Park. The Venetian Renaissance style building was originally built as the Commerce and Industries Building, but it now features the Museum of Photographic Arts, Museum of San Diego History and the San Diego Model Railroad Museum. Students have the opportunity to explore San Diego’s early beginnings through the examination of artifacts, documents, art and historic photographs. Additional activities will also be included to allow students to discover the history of San Diego and how the city’s past impacts our culture today. Students will need to bring their own lunch.


San Diego Natural History Museum

sdnhm_dinos_fossils San Diego Virtual School students in grades 6-12 are invited to join Mrs. Hargraves and Mrs. Metzker for a field trip to the San Diego Natural History Museum. The San Diego Natural History Museum was founded in 1874, making it the oldest Society of Natural History Scientific Institute in southern California and the third oldest west of the Mississippi. The museum allows students to interpret and explore the natural world through research, education and exhibits. Students will develop a deeper understanding for the evolution and diversity of southern California and the peninsula of Baja California. The museum allows students to learn to respect nature and the environment through inspirational exhibits.


San Diego Symphony

san-diego-symphonyMrs. Powell and Mr. Minami will be taking San Diego Virtual School students to attend an open rehearsal at the San Diego Symphony. The San Diego Symphony is home to the San Diego Symphony Orchestra, which performed its first concert in 1910. Students will watch the rehearsal in order to gain a better appreciation for music and musicians. As one of the finest classical music venues on the West Coast, students will be exposed to a variety of music, the history of music and musical instruments.


Museum of Making Music

the-museum-of-making-musicSan Diego Virtual School students have the opportunity to attend a field trip to the Museum of Music Making with Mrs. Commodore and Ms. McCarter. Founded in 1998, the Museum of Music Making showcases and celebrates various instruments throughout history and pop culture. The museum provides cultural enrichment while preserving musical heritage though exhibitions, innovative concerts and educational programs. Students will view galleries featuring historical milestones and the popular music and instruments for those eras. The field trip allows students to build a connection between people and instruments for a deeper understanding of music making.

Open Mic Night

San Diego Virtual School will host an Open Mic Night for students to share their musical talents. In addition to singing and musical instruments, students can showcase their talents as dancers, poets and artists. Join San Diego Virtual School’s teachers and students for a night of talent and inspiration as future generations come together to share their unique passions and abilities at Open Mic Night.

Location: SDVS La Mesa Location
7950 University Ave, Ste 410
La Mesa, CA 91942

San Diego Virtual School strives to provide educational enrichment activities for our students through middle school and high school field trips. Our field trips provide fun, hands-on educational experiences for students to further enrich their academic experience. Contact San Diego Virtual School to learn more about the field trips we offer.