Five Strategies for Getting Into College

Five Strategies for Getting Into College

Five Strategies for Getting Into College

It’s hard to get ahead in today’s world without a college degree. If you’re a high school student wondering about how to get into the college of your choice, try these recommended strategies:

Start planning early.

Selecting the right college or university is a lengthy, complex task. As soon as you enter high school, create a four-year plan to ensure you take the right courses  and meet all the criteria to graduate high school and qualify for college enrollment.

Finish strong.

This means hitting the books and getting involved in extracurricular activities from freshman year all the way through senior year. Don’t let your final year grades slip due to a “senior slump.”

Challenge yourself.

Good grades count when applying to college, but so does strength of curriculum. Don’t be afraid to take demanding classes that stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone. Check your school’s class catalog  to determine which challenging classes may be right for you.

Apply strategically.

Don’t go overboard when applying to colleges. Apply to 2-3 schools that fit you best and 2-3 you like but are a bit of a reach. As a backup, apply to 2-3 schools you’re very likely to get into.

Clean up your social media.

More and more colleges are checking out applicants’ social media sites. Review all your personal sites to ensure they don’t contain any profanity, bullying remarks, inappropriate photos, or other online behavior that doesn’t reflect well on you.

Most of all, take advantage of your school’s college counseling services. These skilled professionals can help identify the best schools for your educational goals, guide you through the admissions process, and devise strategies to pay for your post-secondary education.