Fun Summer Activities in San Diego

Fun Summer Activities in San Diego

Fun Summer Activities in San Diego

Students never need reminding about how close summer is. While it’s very important to stay on top of your school studies, it never hurts to look forward to the fun activities you can do in the summer in San Diego. As you’re finishing up the final weeks and months of your school year, consider the following summer activities and see if your friends or family want to do them together to enjoy the summer.

How do you normally like to enjoy your summer? Try something new this year and see if you can discover a new hobby or favorite place!

Check Out the Beaches

San Diego has over 30 beaches you can visit! Grab your bathing suit, towel, and friends and head out to your favorite beach for surfing, sunbathing, collecting shells, building sand castles, and relaxing with your closest friends.

Rock ‘n Roll Marathon

On June 3rd you can listen to many live bands along a 26 mile route, beginning at Balboa Park. The course, filled with music, runs through major parts of the city and goes by significant points of interest before stopping at SeaWorld in San Diego.

Visit the Gaslamp Quarter

The Gaslamp Quarter is filled with unique shops, stories, and numerous restaurants to enjoy with the family. Enjoy the Victorian era architecture as you explore the Gaslamp Quarter, set across 16.5 historic blocks in downtown San Diego.

La Mesa Car Show

Along the La Mesa Boulevard in La Mesa Village, you and your family can enjoy vintage cars on display every Thursday night. You can also enjoy local dining, shopping, and music alongside the vintage cars that have been put on display for the public.

Seasonal Holidays

You can enjoy many Fourth of July Celebrations across the city through different communities in the county. From parades to fireworks and extravaganzas, there’s almost always something going on in the major parts of the city: Coronado, Spreckels Park, Glorietta Bay, and the Port of San Diego.

Go Hiking

San Diego has many places you, your friends, and your family can go to explore. Whether you just want to hike or want to explore with your bike or even to set up a picnic in a more natural and exotic location, there are many options. You can even try special getaways designed especially for hikers exploring the mountains.

Aquatic Activities

From surfing to scuba diving, there are multiple aquatic activities that individuals and groups of friends can go do spice up their summer. If you like the water and exploring, consider going scuba diving to see exotic and exciting creatures under the water along the coast of San Diego. With professional scuba divers at your side, you can see miles of specially protected underwater destinations that you’ll see nowhere else.

If you would rather stay above water, you could go jet skiing or find a boat to go sailing on for the day. There’s nothing quite like being out on the open waters without an agenda or a place to be. Going out on the water can be a great way to relax and spend time with close friends and family.

Dog Beaches

Have a dog that loves to play outside? Every dog loves to play outside, of course, and if you want to treat your companion to an outdoor adventure, try out one of the many dog beaches throughout San Diego. Many of these designated dog beaches are even welcoming of leash-free dogs, allowing them to roam and explore with freedom.

Experience SeaWorld San Diego

Everyone should experience SeaWorld at least once in a lifetime. In San Diego, SeaWorld converts into an entirely new experience during nighttime, complete with extended hours, new animal shows, pathway entertainment, and fireworks.

San Diego Zoo

If you like the nighttime experience, the San Diego Zoo also has special activities in progress during the late afternoons and evenings. You’ll get to enjoy music in a variety of different styles, such as rock, mariachi melodies, brass band, smooth acapella tunes, and more! From acrobatic trampoline shows to exotic lighting, music, and video experiences, there’s so much to do for families of all ages.

LEGOLAND California

For creative individuals, enjoy LEGOLAND, a one of a kind experience unavailable in most other places throughout in the world. LEGOLAND is an exciting location reserved to only a few locations, but has found its home in California. Enjoy an array of activities from LEGO building to horseback rides on the ranch.

Looking to get the best out of your summer? Make sure to spend a lot of time studying for your final tests of the year because you’ll enjoy your summer even more when you know you’ve finished off the school year with a bang. Have questions about your schooling? Contact us today at San Diego Virtual School!