A Guide to Alternative Education

Nowadays, students have multiple options when it comes to their educational needs. Among the latest and most successful ways for students to obtain their education is through an alternative school. San Diego Virtual School is a leader for delivering alternatives to public schools with our virtual academy to achieve a high school diploma.

Alternative High School

San Diego Virtual School provides a virtual school experience for students to gain their high school diploma. Our fully accredited curriculum challenges students, while allowing them to foster their educational growth. Our option for an alternative education is conducted online, through the use of state-of-the-art technology and an internet connection. As a result, students are able to work around their own schedule and at their own pace.

Although our alternative high school is online, students benefit from constant support from credentialed teachers. This allows for more one-on-one time spent with each student to meet their individual needs. We understand that each student is different when it comes to their learning needs, which is why our teachers are committed to creating to individualized solutions needed to achieve a high school diploma. This constant support and commitment not only helps foster academic goals, but the personal growth of each student to allow them to become successful adults.

Our challenging and comprehensive curriculum covers the required courses to receive credits toward a high school diploma. In addition, we also offer many additional courses that aren’t typically offered through traditional schools. The academic experience is combined with tools and resources students need for personal growth, as well as teaching them valuable skills and character traits needed for the future.

In addition to the academic support of our students, San Diego Virtual School strives to provide students with tools and resources that may not typically be offered at traditional schools. Through our programs for high school alternatives, we deliver student activities and events to help nurture students on their educational journey. This also includes a graduation ceremony to recognize the students for their accomplishments after meeting the requirements to graduate.

Alternative School Options

guide to alternative education

With today’s technology, alternative school options are often the better choice for students who don’t thrive in traditional learning environments. San Diego Virtual School offers the customized support students need to take hold of their education to foster their personal success. Although the schooling is online, it provides a safe and structured environment for students to get the one-on-one help they need to reach their highest level of success.

There are many high school alternatives out there that allow families and students to pick the education path that is most effective for the student. Below are the most common types of alternative education, each with their own benefits and setbacks. When selecting a school for your child, consider how it will impact your family as well as your child. If you have any questions about alternatives to public school, send us a message or give us a call at San Diego Virtual School and we will be happy to help.

Public School

Depending on what’s normal for your family, public schooling may be considered an alternative schooling option. Public schools are state supported and provide a basic state curriculum. However, public schools can become over-crowded, teacher selection may not be ideal, and choosing which public school to attend may not be possible.

Private School

Private schools tend to provide a more controlled learning environment with smaller class sizes. Curriculum in private schooling environments are more personalized (and more challenging), and relationships between students and teachers are often better established due to smaller class sizes. Private schools as alternative education can be more costly and may enforce certain religious influence.

Home School

Home schooling is where a student is taught at home by his or her parents, tutors, or recorded online classes. Curriculum choices are much better with overall better flexibility. Home schooled students may have less opportunities for social activities unless the family is proactive about seeking them out.

Online School

Many online schools provided by the state as alternative schools are free of cost. Students and parents get to work with certified teachers and work can be changed and completed at the student’s own pace. Online schooling provides greater flexibility than any other option by allowing families to do schooling on their schedule and in an environment that is ideal for them.

Online virtual schools are typically the most effective and ideal alternative schools for families that need better flexibility or for students that don’t learn as well in standard schooling environments. If you are considering alternatives to public school or need to find an alternative high school, let us know at San Diego Virtual School.

Enroll in an Alternative High School

When you are ready to get enrolled in an alternative school, simply send us a message or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you get on the road to your student’s educational success. It is important to us to provide an alternative source for education for students of all kinds.

From students that learn better in an online environment to families that need better flexibility for any reason, San Diego Virtual School can help you achieve what you’re looking for in alternative education. Online virtual schooling is great for families seeking a more flexible education for their child or for students that learn best outside of a traditional learning environment.

If traditional schools haven’t met your student’s needs, contact San Diego Virtual School to discover alternative school options to obtain an accredited high school diploma.