Hacks to Improve Concentration (For Online Students)

hacks to improve concentration

Trying to stay focused on your work as an online student can be a real challenge at times! Whether you’re a student in an online school or a traditional school, all students are faced with the challenge of maintaining good concentration on their homework and studies.

Let’s look at a few quick and easy “hacks” you can use to improve your concentration in times when you need it most.

Optimize Your Environment

Your study environment can make or break your concentration. Whether you’re in your room, at a library, at a cafe, or anywhere else, one of the quickest ways to lose your concentration is to be in an environment that causes you to get distracted.

Each student is different and can tolerate different amounts of distractions in the environment and it’s not always possible to fully optimize your environment for you (especially in places like a cafe or library).

In situations where you have a lot of control over your environment, take a few minutes to really get it organized and cleaned up. The simple act of reducing the physical clutter around you can make a huge difference in the quality of your concentration as you get to work.

In other situations where you might not have a lot of control of your environment, what can you do around you to help you stay focused and not get side-tracked by all the commotion? For starters, you can sit somewhere that isn’t around a lot of foot-traffic if you’re easily distracted by people moving around. Find a back corner or somewhere less traveled.

Discover Your Sweet Spot for “Noise”

Everyone can tolerate different amounts and types of “noise” when they’re studying. Some students can only work if it’s nearly silent while other students actually need noise to be able to concentrate effectively. There’s no right or wrong answer for how much noise or what kind of noise is best for you.

The only right answer is the one that works for you.

Take some time to experiment with different kinds of noise and different audio levels and see how it affects your levels of concentration. A few things to try to help you find your “sweet spot” to enable you to focus the best:

  • Try listening to music while you study. Background music can really help some students.
  • Try different musical genres other than what you’re used to. Sometimes music you “like” can be too distracting. Non-lyrical music can sometimes be beneficial as your brain isn’t trying to process the words it hears simultaneously with the words you’re reading or writing.
  • Play around with white noise. Sometimes music is too distracting but having ambient noise in the background can be really effective.
  • Try being completely noise-free if you can. For some students, too much noise at virtually any audio level can be too stimulating, preventing them from being able to get to optimal concentration levels.

Eliminate ALL Possible Distractions

We live in a world filled to the brim with distractions. From emails to phone notifications to busy cafes, there’s almost always something vying for our attention. To whatever extent that you can, do your best to eliminate as many potential distractions as possible.

If you have a phone near you, turn it off or put it on silent mode and then put it in a completely different room. If you have easy access to the internet, find a way to block access to distracting websites or download an app that will temporarily block pages that aren’t relevant to your studies. If you study at home where there’s other people, politely ask not to be disturbed during your study hours.

Maintain Healthy Habits

While you can’t necessarily use this “on the spot” when you need concentration in the moment, maintaining healthy habits can make a huge difference on the quality of your concentration overall. There’s no reason not to place some emphasis on eating good foods and getting enough sleep every single day.

Try out these hacks today and see what works for you!

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