Who We Help – Military Families

Military Homeschooling

San Diego Virtual School helps the children of military families by providing a flexible online schooling option that accommodates the demands of military life. Our free online charter school provides a collaborative learning environment for military students to receive their education from home. San Diego Virtual School provides educational resources to military families to help maintain consistency and promote their children’s academic and personal growth. With our military-friendly online schools, students are able to attend one school and to receive a comprehensive education through our accredited and flexible free online public school.

Online Schools for Military Kids

San Diego Virtual School delivers the best online schools for military children when obstacles prevent them from attending a traditional school environment. We offer a free public charter school to military families stationed in San Diego and many nearby military bases, like Camp Pendleton, Miramar Air Facility, Naval Base Coronado, and Point Loma With our flexible and individualized approach to education, students work at their own pace and around their own schedules so their educational experience is no longer interrupted from the result of relocations. Through our individualized programs, students are equipped with the knowledge and academic skills they need to peruse college or enter the workforce with confidence.

Military-Friendly Online School

San Diego Virtual School delivers the personalized and collaborative approach to learning that military children need to achieve personal and academic goals. Our online courses are customized to meet a child’s individual learning needs. Our virtual classrooms use interactive technology to allow students to work at their own pace while benefiting from our accredited program. Our comprehensive curriculum is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges to allow students to earn their high school diploma.

Students benefit from one-on-one support from California-credentialed teachers. Students work closely with teachers via phone, email and instant messenger, which allows students to have access to educational support whenever they need it.

While students attend the school virtually, they benefit from a full school experience. Through the collaborative online learning institute, students complete their courses while they work towards personal and academic growth through responsibility and personal accountability.

In addition to engaging and enriching activities related to the curriculum, San Diego Virtual School also offers activities that extend beyond the classroom. Where possible, we provide a wide range of field trips and school outings to provide students with the full school experience. In addition, students will have a real high school graduation ceremony upon completing high school with our online program.

San Diego Virtual School believes in providing an enriching and caring community through our military-friendly online schools. With constant support from qualified and caring teachers, we provide the best online schools for military children to reach their full potential. Contact San Diego Virtual School today to help prepare your student for a promising and productive future.


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