How High Schools in San Diego, CA can differ in Quality

How High Schools in San Diego, CA can differ in Quality

How High Schools in San Diego, CA can differ in Quality

San Diego is home to many excellent schools; however, not all of the schools in the area offer the same quality of education. While government funding, location, and the overall involvement from students and staff play a role in the value of the education students receive, other factors also directly influence the quality of a high school in San Diego. There are many influential factors that make a big impact on a school’s ability to provide the best educational experience possible.

Student Achievement

Although high school graduation rates hit an all-time high of 81 percent for the 2012-13 school year according to the U.S. Department of Education, many schools still have a difficult time keeping students in their seats. As a result, many schools focus on retaining students instead of focusing on the individual achievement of students. The focus of the school makes a big difference in the quality of the school. When a school focuses on student achievements, not only are test scores and graduation rates higher, but students move on to succeed in life because they are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive as an adult.

Performance Rates

Schools that have similar curriculums don’t always achieve the same performance rates. Top high schools in San Diego have created customized curriculums with resources and instructor support to strengthen a student’s academic skills. As a result, the schools are able to achieve better performance rates due to the increased quality of learning the students have obtained.

Specific Activities

Schools that offer a diversity of educational activities have shown to increase the overall quality of a high school experience. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts and limited resources, many schools aren’t able to offer specific activities, such as band or drama. A quality school makes special activities readily available to cater to students’ unique interests, which not only keeps them engaged and extends their knowledge, but helps promote their college applications.

Strategic Approach to Learning

Not all schools offer a unique approach to learning. Some schools in San Diego use “a one size fits all” approach to learning, which doesn’t work for all students. Top schools in San Diego, like San Diego Virtual School, offer a customized approach to help students learn at their own pace while meeting their individual learning needs. This tailored structure encourages students to be successful throughout high school while better preparing them for the adult world.
The specific services and resources high schools in San Diego offer have a direct reflection on the schools’ performances. As a result, the quality a school increases by keeping the focal point on the students’ success. San Diego Virtual School customizes the learning experience while providing as many resources as possible to create a quality school experience for students to be successful.

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