How to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

How to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation


As a student, we know that from fall to spring, your brain is always on. You’re thinking about lessons and tests and grades—non-stop. We applaud your commitment, but we also know that you need a break! If you don’t allow yourself to take some breaks and enjoy your summer vacation, you’re going to end up burned out before the new school year even begins. Check out these pointers on how to truly enjoy your summer vacation.

Allow Yourself to Not Think About School

We know that you’re devoted to your education, but you have to allow your brain to rest this summer. Set aside certain times throughout the summer, maybe during a beach vacation or during particular weeks, and be intentional about not thinking about school. It will give your brain time to decompress and refresh itself for the upcoming year.

Sleep in and Stay in Bed in the Mornings

Whether you’re an early riser or not, allow yourself to sleep in as much as you can, and then just lie in bed and relax for a while once you do wake up. Enjoy not having to jump up and get your day started immediately.

Stay Up Late Doing Something Fun

We know you’re constantly thinking about how much sleep you’re getting and what time you have to wake up on school mornings. But this summer, plan something fun at night and stay up super late without worrying about the repercussions you’ll face the next day. Go see a midnight movie premier, attend a concert, or go out with friends.

Pamper Yourself

Whatever pampering looks and feels like for you, do it! From going on a cruise to visiting a botanical garden to having a spa day, enjoy your time off and refresh your mind and your body with some quality pampering.

Carve Out Time for Family and Friends

Your closest family members and friends know how busy your schedule is during the school year, so they’re probably understanding if you don’t attend events or miss out on certain get-togethers. But summer is the time to reconnect with those special people in your life and carve out some serious time for them. Whether it’s taking a group vacation, planning brunches throughout the summer, or having backyard BBQs each weekend, be sure to refresh yourself by spending time with your favorite people.