How to Use Social Media Responsibly

How to Use Social Media Responsibly


Social media has impacted the world in unfathomable ways, with a touch of a button—and a solid connection—we can send our thoughts out to the world in a way we couldn’t just 10 years ago. Just like every other form of communication, how you communicate on social media is important. We’ve compiled a list of ways to keep your social media relationships healthy and positive!


  1. Be Mindful of Emotions

There’s no way to get a message back once you hit send, even deleting the offending message might not help if someone has taken a screenshot or if the site is ‘cached’ by a site such as Google. Take some time to mull over your feelings before posting something you might regret—after all, no one wants to be internet famous for the wrong thing!


  1. Keep Things Authentic

Shows like ‘Catfish’, are proof that it’s possible to create a completely new identity on the internet … but is it necessary? Be yourself and be friendly on social media to avoid any unnecessary drama.


  1. Humor is Fleeting, the Internet is Forever

Remember that hilarious or silly post that got a ton of likes? It might be funny today, but imagine if your boss or romantic interest saw it three years from now—probably not as funny. In other words, what you post today, might have less than pleasant results tomorrow!


  1. Don’t Be Glued to Your Smartphone!

This one is pretty simple. As great as the virtual connections are, there’s a whole world out there that can’t be seen through your smartphone!


  1. Learn to Let It Go

Things can get tense on social media sometimes, especially if no one cares about the first rule on this list! Take the high road when someone is being disrespectful. In other words, don’t feed the trolls!


  1. Learn to Let it Go pt. II

You don’t need to respond to every tweet, or comment—sometimes it’s good to get a bit of time to your own thoughts. After all, how can you process how YOU feel about today’s big event, if you’re constantly bombarded with what everyone else thinks!


  1. Don’t Post Personal Info

This rule is helpful for every on social media, there are people online who’d like to take advantage of your trust—don’t give them the opportunity! Don’t post your phone number, address, or even when you’re going somewhere! Better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Don’t Plagiarize

Copying an essay or other academic writing is a definite ‘no-no’ in school and college, however the same holds true for content on social media. Taking writing from an outside source without giving credit is plagiarizing—even if you found it on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. No Threats

Threats are taken pretty seriously by the authorities, what might’ve been an empty threat can raise concern with school officials. Talk to someone you trust with tough feelings, social media is rarely the best place to vent!


  1. Enjoy Social Media

Social media can make it almost effortless to stay in touch with friends and family, regardless of location. Use your intuition when dealing with people online, and have fun sharing your experiences with the people you care about!