Inexpensive Healthy Eating Tips for Students

Inexpensive Healthy Eating Tips for Students

At San Diego Virtual Schools, we understand the importance for students to eat nutritious meals to improve on-task and academic performance. Many studies indicate the effects proper nourishment has on a student’s ability to stay focused and perform. However, we also understand eating healthy is a challenge, especially when you’re on a budget. Here are great inexpensive healthy eating tips to help you perform your best.

Skip Eating Out

Although it’s very tempting to eat out and a cheap option with $1 menus, it’s unhealthy and costs more in the long run because you’ll be hungry again shortly after. Instead, look in the freezer and cupboards for food you already have. Oatmeal, whole grain sandwiches, or even a few scrambled eggs will keep you fuller longer and offer great nutrition.

Snack Smart

Bags of chips and candy bars are yummy snacks, but they lack nutrition and won’t fill you up. Instead, grab a banana or another piece of fruit to snack on. Trail mix, nuts, and even yogurt are great quick and easy snacks to help keep your body fueled.

Eat Regular Meals

It’s easy to snack throughout the day, skipping meals, but by doing that you’re not doing your body any favors. Try to plan healthy meals to keep your stomach full longer. Each meal needs to have a bit of protein, whether it’s meat, eggs, or beans. Omega 3 is especially great for a sharp and productive mind and it’s very healthy, too.

If you’re in a hurry, make a quick omelet or bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Before you head out the door, make a fruit salad and whole grain peanut butter sandwich to take with you for lunch. For dinner, you can make healthy wraps using whole wheat tortillas, cheese, spinach, and a little grilled chicken. With some extra planning, you can eat healthy to boost your overall wellbeing and daily performance.