Learn to Balance Online School Workload & Screen Time

Getting online for both work, school, and recreation has become a convenience for many people. However, there are also studies that show too much screen time can be harmful to health because it can cause us to sit for long periods of time and cause possible weight and sleep problems. Luckily, when you find a way to balance online school workload and screen time, students will be able to get the work completed for online classes and still be able to enjoy some watching the television and playing games on the iPad.

Set Time Aside Every Day That Is Dedicated to Being Away from the Screen

You should designate a certain amount of time each day to stepping away from screens whether they are for school or recreation, and do something interactive with the family. Taking dogs on a walk, going window shopping at your favorite stores, or even something as simple as spending twenty minutes on a park bench can do wonders for the mind, as well as help you balance online school work and screen time.

Make Sure Your Work Station Is in a Place That Is Uninterrupted

When your child is focused during online school courses, then you will discover that each task gets completed quicker and with more accuracy, thus using less screen time for the work. The first step is to make sure that the student chooses a work space that doesn’t have interruptions such as a television on in the background or a cell phone that is sitting right beside them. When online schooling is taking place, they should only have access to the screens that they need for work, and not others that can distract them.

Teach Children How to Use Their Screen Time Wisely

Adults and children alike are guilty of getting caught up on everything that comes with a screen from social media to YouTube videos, and it can be easy to get addicted. In fact, recreational screen time can dig into online school work and other parts of our lives, and it is important that students understand how to use screen time wisely. By limiting the amount of recreational screen time a student has outside of their studies, you will find that kids will learn how to use screen time wisely because they will have to choose what is most important to them, and then leave out the mindless scrolling.

Ask the Online School About Options for Physical Books and Worksheets

If you find that your child is having a hard time doing all of their school work online, then speak with the online school about other options when it comes to books and worksheets. You may find that taking a break and having school at the library with books versus reading online may help balance screen time and school workload. You might also discover there are some fun activities that you can do for studying like making flashcards and quizzing your child without having to use a screen.