San Diego Virtual School – Vista

San Diego Virtual School – Vista
1930 Watson Way Suite S
Vista, CA 92081

(760) 536-7750

Empower your child to take the initiative with their education. There are many schools in Vista CA, however, San Diego Virtual School brings more academic opportunities and options to their students. It’s a free and accredited online high school and middle school with multiple resource centers.

San Diego Virtual School – VistaWith courses highly tailored to your child, San Diego Virtual School is an online high school that allows students to work at their own pace in a collaborative and supportive environment. Like most high schools in Vista CA, San Diego Virtual School’s number one priority is your child’s educational growth.

Students can login into their courses from any location as long as they have an internet connection. If students would like to study in a brick and mortar location, there are resource centers available in Vista, La Mesa and Chula Vista. However, unlike other Vista high schools, students can come and go as they need between the hours of Monday-Thursday from 8am-3pm and 8am-2pm on Friday. These study centers are not only a place to study, but they can also receive tutoring, attend workshops, and more!

The staff at the Vista center are Calvin Goodson, Ariel McCarter, and Tim Minami.

Schools in Vista CA, are found 15 minutes north of San Diego, off of the 78 freeway. The Vista resource location is found off the intersection of Watson Way and Shadowridge Drive near the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group. It is near to bus route 332. For other studying opportunities, it’s 3.4 miles away from the Vista Library found on 700 Eucalyptus Avenue, Vista, CA 92084

Benefits of Virtual Schools

Vista high schools are rich with academic promise, but when seeking schools in Vista, CA for your child, San Diego Virtual School is a solid option to elevate their education. San Diego Virtual School serves students from grades 6-12 and offer many benefits that are unavailable at other Vista schools.

Scheduling Freedom

Traditional Vista schools have strict schedules that students must be adhere to. For busy families, this can be difficult to work into their normal schedule and routine. From coordinating carpooling or bus schedules, to adapting the mornings and evenings to accommodate a student’s schedule, this can put a burden on certain families.

At San Diego Virtual School, your family gets the flexibility to schedule education when it’s convenient. While it should be one of the highest priorities for your child, some situations do not make it easy to accommodate the strict schedules required at other Vista schools.

San Diego Virtual School does have available hours, just like any other school, but students and families are free to choose when the student arrives and leaves. The physical locations are primarily designed for studying and smaller groups.

When students can take classes online rather than going to traditional schools in Vista, CA, they get the freedom to choose learning and studying times that work best for them or are more convenient for the family.

Learning at a Comfortable Pace

Like traditional schools, San Diego Virtual School still has curriculum that enrolled students must complete. The major difference between virtual schools and traditional schools is that students can choose to learn at their own pace. This gives families with abnormal schedules the flexibility to fit in education when it’s convenient, while giving other students the opportunity to get ahead in their work.

By allowing students to work at their own, comfortable pace (whether faster or slower), they can complete the required curriculum without the added stress that often comes with trying to learn at a controlled pace in traditional schools.

No Competition for Classes

In a traditional Vista high school, students have required classes and elective classes. Certain elective classes may be more interesting, more engaging, and more fun. However, these classes tend to get filled very quickly, leaving eager students to search for an alternative to the class.

At San Diego Virtual School, your student can choose to take any class they desire. Because the classes are online, there is no maximum number of students that can take a class. There is no competition to fill up seats and therefore any student that wants to take a class can take it without feeling like they have to rush to sign up.

Teacher Assistance When Needed

Just because San Diego Virtual School is well known for its online education and flexibility, doesn’t mean that students can’t enjoy the benefits of a traditional, brick and mortar setting for classrooms and education. San Diego Virtual School also has physical locations that students can visit that are supervised by teachers.

Anytime a student needs more in-depth education or mentoring, they can visit during school hours to receive a more personalized education. The flexibility allows students to stop in when it’s convenient and to ensure that they are thoroughly learning anytime they’re working on schoolwork.