Meet the SDVS Staff: Understanding the Importance of Teacher-Student Relationships

As a student at an online school, it can be difficult to have the social experiences and relational connections to the teachers and peers you interact with. Even though you’re communicating with your teachers daily, you should seek to build real relationships with your instructors, as this can create long-lasting benefits for both you and the other students in your virtual school. Here at SDVS, we want you and your instructors to connect in a positive way and in a way that enhances your online school experience. Here are a few key things that good teacher-student relationships can offer.

More Comfortable Communication

Online learning is tailored to those who want something different than traditional school, but it can come with challenges. For students who need extra help, online school is a great option, provided that they reach out for assistance when they need it. By forming good relationships with your teachers, you’ll feel more comfortable asking for additional help or clarification on something you didn’t understand.

Higher-Quality Learning

When students are more connected with their instructors, they’re more likely to stay engaged and interested in what they are teaching. This leads to more effective learning atmospheres, higher-quality instruction, and more information retention by the students. When a teacher knows his or her students on a more personal level, he or she can utilize the student’s interests to explain a concept or offer them assistance in something they might be struggling with in a more personalized way.

Grow Mutual Respect

It is incredibly important for students to learn how to respect themselves, their peers, and their authority figures. When teachers and students connect in a beneficial way, the teacher is able to show respect to the student, and their relationship will bring about respect from the student in return. Learning mutual respect is a skill that will benefit students far beyond the virtual school classroom, so it is a great characteristics for teachers to encourage students to pursue.

Create Long-Term Love of Learning

The more interactive students are with their teachers, the more likely they are to enjoy online school and love learning. This facilitates long-term positive results, including a love of learning and interest in knowledge that continues on long beyond a student’s schooling years.


Check out our video to start getting to know the SDVS staff. We look forward to connecting with you and helping create an incredible online school experience for you!