Moreno Valley Online School

Moreno Valley Online School

Getting a well-rounded education is important for middle and high school students and their parents. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to go to a traditional school setting to achieve academic success. Moreno Valley virtual school has everything students need to excel in academics while providing a convenient and positive experience. Once the courses are completed, students receive an accredited high school diploma. Whether college is the next step or you have other plans after graduation, a counseling will guide you to ensure you achieve your goals.

Enjoy a Positive Learning Atmosphere

The learning atmosphere at a Moreno Valley online high school is going to be unique compared to traditional schools because it is up to the student and parent where classes are completed. Being able to set up the area that homework, classes, and exams are taken allows you to peacefully focus on your studies instead of being distracted by other students and activities.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be speaking with anyone or have in-person support. We have field trips and locations for you to visit teachers at in-person. Plus, a teacher will speak with the student daily.

Gain Access to Many Resources

There are many resources that are necessary for students to achieve academic success at an online middle school or high school in Moreno Valley. We have counseling centers, teachers that give you their time and attention so you’re not competing with other students for it, and provide additional classes like foreign language and health education.

Learn from Teachers That Are Ready to Help

Our teachers are ready to help students reach their goals for school. We use white boards and have multiple ways of communicating with students to ensure that nothing gets glossed over. When students sign up for Moreno Valley online courses/classes, they are in charge of their success and develop a sense of responsibility. But, our teachers make sure that they are involved and keep the student on the right track.

Make the Schedule That Is Right for You

One reason that so many student and parents enjoy online schools over traditional school settings is because scheduling is incredibly easy. You can cut out commute times, missed classes due to travel or scheduling conflicts because of other extra-curricular activities. When you have control of the class schedule, you’ll free up precious time and find stress levels decrease because you won’t be worried about rushing to get your child to school on time.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

Don’t wait to reach out and learn more about enrolling your child in a virtual school. All of our graduates get to take advantage of college and career counseling and one on one time with teachers. Our mission is for all of our students to succeed in their academic goals. We help students identify their strength and weaknesses and provide helpful resources for the parents as well. Contact us to find out more about our online school for high school and middle school students.