How Online Classes are Redefining Education

Continuing advancements in online education have everyone from students to school administrators rethinking high school and college coursework. Gone are the days when a physical classroom was required for a comprehensive education.

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We’re just one element of the fast-growing online education revolution. Why are online classes so popular, and will this surge continue far into the future? Many education and business leaders think so. We’ve compiled some strong opinions about online education and its overall benefits for students. Taken collectively, they make a great case for online education’s bright future. Here are a few reasons why virtual schooling is here to stay:

Individualized learning.

As opposed to the one-size-fits-all approach, online education offers tremendous flexibility as far as scheduling and time management go. And this has an empowering impact. According to Beth Te Grotenhuis, president of Odysseyware: “One of the biggest benefits of online learning is that it empowers students to learn in a time, a place and a way that best fits their personal learning style and need.”

Flexibility for career-minded students.

Online education accommodates busy work schedules, allowing students to gain valuable instruction while still working part-time or even full-time hours. As the time constraints of a traditional education diminish, this opens the door for anyone looking to better themselves in a virtual classroom environment.

Significant cost savings over traditional instruction methods.

Typically, textbooks alone cost hundreds of dollars per semester. But with the comprehensive structure of many online education outlets, the required reference texts are already in place. It might seem like small change to many students, but this advantage adds up to big savings.

Real-world skills developed in real-time.

Anthony James Green, the founder and president of Test Prep Authority, offers an interesting take on the burgeoning online education market: “Online education isn’t just a matter of convenience and efficiency – it’s a matter of necessity. Any student who aspires to become a knowledge worker, or to function effectively in the 21st century, needs to be familiar with the internet and with modern computing technology. In thirty years, those who aren’t comfortable using computers and internet basics will be on the same level as those who are illiterate today.”

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