Online High School in Imperial County

San Diego Virtual School offers the perfect alternative option to receive a high school education through online high school courses. Our online high school strives to empower students to take an initiative in their education through academic opportunities catering to each child’s needs. Our free and fully accredited virtual high school in Imperial County offers the flexibility and customizations many students need to foster educational growth to receive a real high school diploma.

We understand that each child has unique needs and circumstances when it comes to their education, which is why San Diego Virtual School works to create highly tailored online high school courses that offer students the ability to work at their own pace. Supported by a collaborative and nurturing environment, students are held to a high level of accountability and responsibility to take control of their education to create the foundation they need to succeed in the business world.

San Diego Virtual School keeps your child’s educational growth our top priority. Students are able to access their courses online from any location with an internet connection to work around their own schedule and at their own pace. In addition to the comprehensive courses, students benefit from additional resources that aren’t typically offered at traditional schools such as study centers, electives, workshops, and tutoring.

Through our online high school, although learning virtually, students have access to live, credentialed teachers via email, phone, instant messaging, and chat to receive the one-on-one academic support they need for success. With our accredited program, students will receive a real high school diploma, not a GED.

As a public charter school, we understand the uniqueness of each child, which we strive to support through individualized courses and even opportunities for visual learners. Our personalized and collaborative learning facility enriches the academic success of students through a dedicated team of educational professionals and flexible learning programs.

With our online high schools, we not only support a student’s academic growth, but personal growth to encourage a strong future in society. We understand that each child has a different background, whether employed, at risk, or simply didn’t thrive in traditional schools. This is why we work with students, offering constant support throughout our high quality courses with flexible access to proven technology.

The San Diego Virtual School strives to nurture the success of students with strong values and a mission to help students become a valuable and responsible member of society. If previous schools have failed to meet your child’s needs, San Diego Virtual School is here to help.