Online High School in Orange County

San Diego Virtual School offers an empowering and unique opportunity for students to receive their high school diplomas in Orange County. Our free and fully accredited online high school offers students that ability to benefit from a customized and flexible approach to academic learning. Our high schools in Orange County work to keep students motivated and hold a high level of responsibility by working at their own pace to achieve their academic and personal goals. Upon completion, students will receive their high school diploma.

San Diego Virtual School strives to deliver excellent educational services and resources for students looking to expand their education through opportunities not typically offered at traditional learning institutes. With the support of dedicated credentialed teachers and constant support, students receive their high school diploma after completing customized high school courses.

We understand that each student learns differently and works at their own pace. This is why our Orange County high schools custom tailor the learning experience for each student and their individual needs. Students are able to work at their own pace and in their own time with flexible schedules. The online high school allows students to complete their courses anywhere and at any time as long as there is an internet connection. Using proven and high quality technology, students can streamline their academic goals with our high schools in Orange County.

Although learning virtually, students receive one-on-one support from our fully credited teachers. Students have access to teachers via phone, email, instant messenger, and video chat. This personal connection supports students as they work towards their goals, while building character in the process.

San Diego Virtual School believes in helping students obtain the skills they need to enter the business world for a successful future. This is why we allow students to take control of their education and benefit from resources that aren’t typically offered at other high schools in Orange County.

Through academic courses and comprehensive resources, students benefit from enriching programs that will prepare young adults for college and their future role in society. Our innovative and collaborative approach increases the students’ education in a non-structured setting, establishing the foundation for their future endeavors.

Supported by a passion for nurturing the growth of students and strong values, San Diego Virtual School strives to deliver comprehensive courses through our online high school to nurture success. Our unique approach allows us to do more for students, giving them the individualized learning experience they need for success.