Online High School in Riverside County

San Diego Virtual School provides an alternative means for high school students to receive an accredited high school diploma. We offer an online virtual school for high school students to graduate, while increasing their personal growth. Our free and fully accredited Riverside virtual school provides students with a unique opportunity to take control of their education by working at their own pace with customized courses. Our online high school courses are specifically tailored to meet a student’s individual needs, then through constant support from credentialed teachers, students work at their own pace to achieve their academic goals.

Riverside Virtual School

Our online high school courses are perfect for all students, despite learning levels, because they are customized for each individual student. Following a fully accredited program, students receive a high quality education while developing essential life skills for the future. In addition to academic success, we believe in teaching students responsibility and accountability. As students work at their own pace and around their own schedule, students must take control of their education and show responsibility to their education to complete their online high school courses.

While attending our online virtual school, students have access to constant and individual support from their teachers to help them thrive. Students will achieve their required credits to earn their high school diploma and successfully pass the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exams). Upon completing our Riverside high school, students will obtain their diploma and have a formal graduation ceremony to celebrate their accomplishment.

We take education seriously and make it our mission to see each student succeed, which is why we strive to deliver the best educational opportunities. In addition to a comprehensive curriculum, students will also benefit from extracurricular activities, field trips, school sponsored events, organizations, and much more. We deliver the complete high school experience without the confinements of a traditional school.

We help pave the path to students’ success by helping them achieve their educational goals. In addition, we prepare students for the road ahead by teaching important life skills and provide resources to foster their future success.

Our online virtual school for high school students serves grades 9 through 12 for students who are under 19 years old. In addition, we have numerous locations, including in Riverside County.

If your child just isn’t succeeding in a traditional school environment or wants to achieve their high school diploma quicker, contact San Diego Virtual School to see if your student qualifies for our comprehensive and individualized approach to education.