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San Diego Virtual School is an online public high school, which offers a personalized and collaborative learning environment for students who wish to continue their education at home and for homeschoolers seeking additional assistance with their studies. Students that are looking for homeschool help will have access to live credentialed teachers, in all subject areas through email, phone, email and instant messaging. Our world-class program is designed to give homeschoolers of all levels access to quality online courses, one on one teaching, and advanced interactive educational technology unlike any you’ll find elsewhere.

Home Schooling Help

As a public charter school serving San Diego and adjoining counties, we provide homeschoolers with the opportunity to receive an excellent education and gain valuable life skills, which will help them attain their academic and personal goals. San Diego Virtual School is a free program offered by participating schools and districts across the state, using the same funding for traditional students. As our courses are entirely online, San Diego Virtual School offers online home schooling help that is flexible and comprehensive, enabling students to learn at their own pace and in a way that suits their busy schedules. And because our program is offered by a WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accredited public charter school, home schooling students are able to earn a high school diploma.

Online Home Schooling with San Diego Virtual School

San Diego Virtual School is dedicated to helping homeschoolers and other students wishing to complete their studies at home, achieve their greatest academic and personal potential. Whether you are an advanced student looking for more rigorous homeschool help or someone in need of specialized one on one attention to accomplish your academic goals, our individualized approach enables you to learn at your own pace.

Our online home school programs and virtual classrooms will help to increase independence and self-initiated learning and give students a greater sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for their education. Without the time constraints of a traditional classroom setting, San Diego Virtual School offers homeschool help that allows students to design their own schedules to learn anytime, anywhere, regardless of work and family obligations, mobility constraints or any other circumstances specific to homeschoolers.

In addition to comprehensive online courses and one on one teacher attention, San Diego Virtual School offers homeschoolers many opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities. Student performers and artists will have the opportunity to receive credit for performance work, with the additional benefit of tailoring their academic coursework to fit their schedule. Students will also have the chance to participate in school-sponsored activities and events, which include social outings, field trips, visits to historical sites and more, should they wish to participate.

San Diego Virtual School’s home school programs help students grow both academically and socially, preparing them for a productive and promising future. Our homeschooling help provides students with the resources to successfully transition to their post-secondary life. Whether they plan to attend college or begin an exciting career, students will be prepared with the skills and confidence to reach their academic and personal goal. Find out how much San Diego Virtual School can help homeschoolers receive a comprehensive, world-class education that is customizable to suit their needs and ambitions.