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Imperial-county-sealSan Diego Virtual School is a free, accredited online middle school for students in Imperial County. Our online public school for middle school students provides a customized approach to support individualized learning with flexible options to meet each student’s unique learning needs and academic requirements. Our accredited curriculum and customized educational options provide a virtual school where students benefit from one-on-one assistance from real, California credentialed teachers. Our San Diego middle school delivers the alternative option students need to thrive both academically and personally through a collaboration with students, parents and teachers.

Accredited Middle Schools in San Diego

Similar to other middle schools in San Diego, San Diego Virtual School maintains a strong mission with core values to foster the academic and personal success of each of our students. Our dedicated team of educators work to instill a strong level of responsibility to allow students to take control of their education through specialized courses that cater to each child’s educational needs.

San Diego Virtual School provides a curriculum that’s accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Students benefit from a comprehensive curriculum with the flexibility they need to work at their own pace to meet educational standards. We understand many students have unique learning needs and home situations, which is why our online charter school provides a customized approach to address each student’s learning requirements. We tailor our courses to meet each student’s exact needs and learning styles while letting students complete their work around their own schedules. Using proven and state-of-the-art technology, students are able to complete coursework anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Our courses follow the Common Core Standards, which are continuously under review and revision to ensure we provide our students with the best education possible. We offer the required general education courses, as well as many electives and even field trips.

Collaborative Learning Experience

Unlike other middle schools in San Diego, we offer our students a more personalized experience through one-on-one support from California credentialed teachers. Our teachers are committed to helping students succeed both personally and academically, which is why they are available to offer advice, answer questions and provide encouragement. Students are able to connect with teachers to receive the support they need in our safe and secure learning environment, as well as via phone, email and instant messenger to reach their academic goals.

At San Diego Virtual School, we believe a collaborative approach between teachers, students and parents is essential to ensuring a student’s success. We allow you to stay connected with your student’s academics with up-to-date reports to track your student’s progress. This collaborative approach allows both students and families to work with our staff to ensure students are receiving the best educational opportunities possible.

We believe in not only helping students succeed today, but tomorrow as well, which is why we provide students with the life skills they need to reach personal goals while receiving a quality education. If students continue to attend San Diego Virtual School for high school and plan on attending college, trade school, or another post-high school institution, San Diego Virtual Schools provides college guidance counseling for students to discuss how they can achieve their goals.

Our main focus at San Diego Virtual School is the success of our students. We’re here to help you and your child with the alternative means to receive the quality and individualized educational opportunities they need to excel. Students who remain at our virtual school through middle school and move on with us to high school will receive a real high school diploma while gaining the skills they need to become valued and contributing members to society.

At San Diego Virtual School, we make it our mission to see each child succeed. When traditional schools have failed to meet a student’s needs, our online middle school provides the customized solutions children need to thrive. Contact San Diego Virtual School today to discuss enrollment opportunities for your middle school child.