Online High School Is Better Than Standard Schooling—Here’s Why

Everyone learns differently. It’s a fact that teachers and parents have been aware of for decades, but sometimes it can still be hard to wrap your head around that fact. Some students thrive in traditional school settings, while others struggle to keep their heads above water, even though they are smart and hardworking kids.

For many students, online schooling is a simpler, more accessible, and just downright better option than standard schooling for a number of reasons. Take a look at the “why” behind San Diego Virtual School.

Online Schooling Is Flexible

Traditional school schedules are rigid and intensive. They include downtime and breaks during the day, but sometimes those are unnecessary. They have hard deadlines, strict semester schedules, and only one physical location in which you can work. Online school is basically the complete opposite of that and is the definition of flexible. While there are deadlines for assignments, everything else you do is on your own time and your own schedule. You work at the pace you prefer, at the time of day you like, and from whatever location suits you best. You can breeze through an entire course in a few weeks or take your time doing the work little by little. You can complete assignments during the weekday, in the evenings, or on the weekends, and you can do your work from anywhere with internet access. Online middle school and online high school allow you to live your life on your time and complete schoolwork in your own way.

Online School Is Accommodating

At San Diego Virtual School, we meet you right where you are. Need extra help getting to your grade-level standards? We’ve got you. Need more challenging work as a gifted learner? We can do that. Need flexibility in your schedule due to family obligations or personal scheduling conflicts? No problem. Have a job that requires your attendance during normal school hours? No big deal. SDVS is here to help you get whatever you need out of an online school environment. We provide a quality education with California-certified teachers who aim to assist each student in meeting his or her specific academic needs and goals.

Online School Is Effective

All schools will present basic academic information to their students, but not every school does it in an engaging and effective way. Additionally, not all teachers know how to interact with students in a positive and beneficial way that encourages them to become lifelong learners who love to acquire new knowledge. At SDVS, our students learn the information required of them very thoroughly. They retain the information they learn and they perform well on standardized tests. The methods used to instruct students in a virtual setting are tried and true, and the students effectively learn what they need in order to be successful in school and after graduation

Online School Is Comprehensive

School is not just about book knowledge and academic information. Online students learn so much more than what comes out of a textbook, including a number of skills that translate to several different jobs within multiple industries. Online students are some of the most hardworking, independent, responsible students out there. They take responsibility for their academic growth, whether good or bad, and they are excellent self-motivators. They learn about teamwork and collaboration, how to think critically and problem-solve effectively, and how to discipline themselves and manage their time well. They learn to take direction but work independently, and they learn to discuss ideas intelligently and thoughtfully, while being respectful of those around them.

Online School Is Challenging—In a Good Way

Online school is not for the faint of heart. It can be very challenging, particularly for students who aren’t used to self-motivating or pacing themselves with schoolwork and scheduling their own classwork time. But when students try their best and work hard at completing their online classes, they will reap the vast benefits for years and years to come. Online school can challenge advanced learners in a way that traditional schools cannot, and it can help struggling students get where they need to be academically without embarrassing them or adding more stress to their lives. Sitting in front of a computer to do schoolwork can be difficult for some students, but that is just another way that online school challenges students in a great way. It encourages them to have discussions with their peers in an online setting, get out of the house and meet people in social and public settings, and break out of their shells to have new experiences that they wouldn’t have access to in a traditional school setting.

Online School Is Free and It’s Simple to Enroll

If all that wasn’t enough, online schooling with SDVS is also free for those living in San Diego, Orange, Imperial, or Riverside County. It’s quick and easy to enroll, and you’ll be able to begin experiencing how great online school truly is.

To learn more about SDVS, get enrollment information, or ask any questions you may have about our school, contact San Diego Virtual School today. We’ll connect you with an online school expert who will help you make the quick and simple transition to the wonderful world of online learning.