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*Have you been considering taking online History courses in San Diego? San Diego Virtual School is proud to offer numerous levels of online History classes available to all students who enroll as full-time San Diego Virtual School students.


San Diego Online High School History Classes

Are you looking for online high school history classes? San Diego Virtual School (SDVS) is proud to provide a number of online high school history courses that are available to all students. SDVS is equipped with a passionate staff that is driven to provide educational courses that help you and your students succeed in the San Diego area.

It can be difficult to find classes that are reliable, flexible and challenging enough to elevate a student’s educational understanding of the topic. All of our staff members are highly trained to make it possible for students to find the knowledge and studies they need to succeed in history. We’ll make it easy for you to find a teacher that is ideal for your student to help them succeed in middle school, high school and beyond.

With the proper education, like online high school history classes, your student will be able to succeed in their studies, meet state education standards and excel in schooling beyond high school.

Learn About the History Teachers at SDVS

All of our staff is friendly, well trained, highly educated and accommodating to assist students with their educational needs. Whether your students are just getting started with online high school history classes or taking more advanced courses, our teachers adapt to meet the needs of their students.


Olivia Antenore: History Teacher

Greetings! I’m Mrs. Antenore; a Social Studies teacher here at San Diego Virtual School.

I completed my under graduate at San Diego State University and received my bachelors in Social Science. I spent 2 years studying in Florence, Italy for the California State University Study abroad program.
I received my Single Subject Teaching Credential in Social Science from San Diego State University as well as my ESL certification.

I have enjoyed teaching now for 5 years both middle and High School. I’m a San Diego Native and I have taught in Sweetwater, Grossmont and San Diego Unified school Districts. I also had a great experience teaching middle school in North Carolina for the last two years.  What I love about teaching is the ability to help my students recognize and seize their potential as successful individuals.

Fun Fact: I’m a fitness enthusiast and I’m fluent in both Spanish and Italian.


Randall Upczak: History Teacher

My name is Randall Upczak and I am a part of the amazing Social Science team at San Diego Virtual School. After struggling mightily through high school I discovered an interest in History and Cross Cultural Studies classes at Grossmont College. I eventually went on to Simpson University where I played baseball and graduated with a degree in Cross Cultural Studies. I came home to San Diego with the idea of becoming a teacher so I enrolled at National University and completed my teaching and Masters programs both in Cross Cultural Education. Needless to say, I love culture and history. I feel that with the right perspective and understanding we can value who we are today and what the world was in the past to become pro social participants in society, everyday heroes, doing things that would make our ancestors proud while molding a better world for ourselves and for future generations.

My family consists of my wife Kat who is also a teacher, 3 year old son Luca and little baby boy Arlo. I am for sure a geek in my free time where I am into Star Wars, board games, video games, baseball stats/history, and anything else Luca has on the schedule for me.

Fun Facts: I owned my own Farrier business where I manicured and put shoes on horse feet, I am a third generation educator and in college my big claim to fame was when I hit 3 home runs against Cal Tech which is the #1 academic school in the United States.


Tim Minami – History Teacher

Hello, my name is Mr. Minami and I am a history teacher at San Diego Virtual School.  I grew up in Mira Mesa where I attended Mira Mesa High School.  After high school, I went to Simpson University in Redding, CA.  At Simpson, I majored in History and played soccer.  I also met my wife in college!  After college, I had several different jobs until I went back to school and earned my Social Science credential from Simpson.  Later, I added a Multiple Subject credential from National University.  Most of my teaching career has been in Redding, but I did teach one year in Covelo, CA at a small charter school.  My wife and I have two children, Daphne and James, and we just moved down to San Diego this past summer because the environment is better for my son’s severe allergies.  It’s so nice to be back in San Diego where the weather is beautiful and I have family close by!

My favorite part about teaching is that I get to serve and help different students.  I love that my job is to help young people be successful and achieve their goals.  Seeing students grow academically, socially, and personally is exciting for me!

When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with family, running, and playing various sports and video games.


Jenny Weller – History Teacher

Hi everyone! My name is Ms. Weller and I am super excited to be teaching at SDVS. I am originally from Orange County, but I moved to San Diego in 2015. I got my Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies at Cal State Long Beach. Then, I got my Single Subject Credential in Social Science and my Master’s in Cross-Cultural Education at National University. This is my ninth year teaching and first year at SDVS. I taught Social Science, in Asia for three years, at International Schools in Shanghai, China and Danang, Vietnam.

Fun facts: I coached water polo and swimming for seven years. I have been to 40 countries and love to explore new cultures. My brother and his family live in Scotland.


Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions about our San Diego online history teachers or the courses we provide at San Diego Virtual School. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you pick a teacher that fits the learning style of your child.

The Flexibility of Online Courses

When you go to a traditional high school, there’s a specific time of the day that students have to arrive and leave by. Course times are created for them with little room for change. At an online high school like San Diego Virtual School, classes are taken online. This means that the schedule you have is far more flexible accommodate a busy lifestyle or to incorporate a balance between school, work, family, recreation and more.

Take history classes in San Diego with San Diego Virtual School today! Find free online history classes for high school to help your student get caught up with education or find areas of study that interest them. All of our San Diego online history teachers are passionate about teaching and are committed to helping each of their students succeed. Whether your child is just entering high school or completing their final year, our teachers work hard to make sure that every student has the education and studying habits they need to succeed in both their high school education as well as education beyond.