Your Road to College – An Exciting Adventure!

Applying to college is an exciting process, yet with so many different “roads” that can take you to you to higher education, the application process may seem daunting. First, know that we are here to help you make your post secondary dreams come true. Whether you want to go to a 2-year community college, 4 year university, or attend a trade school in culinary art, film or business, SDVS can help you stay organized to meet your goals. We want to put you on the correct road to success.

  1. road to applying for collegeDiscuss college plans with your teacher and our college counselor to determine the best college path for you.
  2. Research the schools that most interest you to find out their requirements for GPA, tests, credits, and financial requirements.
  3. Complete required coursework and testing before deadlines for application. Which test to take can depend on which your target requires: 42% of college bound students take the SAT, while 52% of graduating seniors take the ACT.[1]
  4. Visit your target schools to learn more about them and get a feel for them to see what seems like the right fit.
  5. Complete all applications, including essays, letters of recommendation, and financial assistance applications.
  6. Select the school that is the right fit for you based on where you are accepted.


Great Websites to start the process of looking at different schooling options:


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