San Diego Virtual School Annual Goals Update 2017-18

Annual Goals Update 2017-18

As part of the LCAP annual update, our staff has worked diligently to achieve the goals we set for this year. We are making excellent progress, and this brief update explains the steps we have taken to achieve the goals that were set for the 2017-18 school year. If you have any questions, please contact Diahann Mathis at


Our goal this year was to help students maintain regular attendance. When students have great attendance, students are more likely to find success in courses and graduate on time. This year the staff utilized a standard attendance tracker; that along with regular communication with students has helped our students maintain great attendance so far this year.

Professional Development

Our goal this year was to participate in professional development opportunities that help us stay up to date with technology as well as advance our teaching practices. The staff participated in various Professional Development activities this school year, including trainings in Common Core, Google, WASC, foster youth, work permits, and college counseling. We are very happy with our progress in these areas and will continue exploring various topics to strengthen our skills.

Course Completion

Our goal this year was for students to pass a minimum of 80% of assigned courses. In Fall semester our students completed 82% of courses overall on time, and we will have an overall update for the year at the end of June. To help our students we have made sure that students are placed in academically appropriate courses. We began taking a closer look at the curriculum and we have been meeting by departments to review assignments. We hired a counselor to provide students with emotional support so that students have a safe and confidential person to speak to. We also hired additional teachers to maintain a small case load which allows us to provide the personalized attention our school is known for.

Graduation Rates

Our goal this year was to increase our first-year graduation rates by 5% from last year. Last year our first-year senior graduation rate was 64% and this year we hope to have at least 69% of our first-year seniors graduate. To help our seniors, our college counselor spoke to every graduating senior to offer advice on financial aid and applying for colleges. Teachers worked with their seniors to pace them to complete coursework by June 11th. Our registrar ensured that transcripts were entered accurately and that credit evaluations were created so that seniors were aware of what classes were left for graduation.