San Diego Virtual School’s Graduating Class of 2015

SDVS- San Diego Virtual School’s Graduating Class of 2015

SDVS- San Diego Virtual School’s Graduating Class of 2015

Supported by a mission to provide a personalized and collaborative learning experience from a dedicated team of educators, San Diego Virtual School is proud to announce our 4th graduating class. As we work to facilitate the academic and personal growth of students, we will be celebrating the achievements of about 100 of our graduating students on June 11, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.

In addition to the staff at San Diego Virtual School, the families of the students will join together at the Hall of Champions in Balboa Park to recognize the students for their hard work and achievements.

Through our comprehensive and accredited program, the graduating students have received a wealth of knowledge through their online courses to prepare them for a successful future for the road ahead. Holding a strong academic foundation and the drive to fulfill their educational goals, our graduating class of 2015 will gain the recognition they deserve as valuable and responsible members of society.

These students have made the choice to make their education their priority and will now transfer the knowledge and experience they’ve gained academically at San Diego Virtual School into the business world for a thriving future. Held to a high standard of accountability, our graduating students have gained the knowledge and opportunities they need to reach their abilities and desires. These students have demonstrated a healthy and responsible behavior to succeed in a diverse global community to foster their success.

Join San Diego Virtual School in congratulating and honoring our graduating class of 2015.