SDVS Testimonials

SDVS Testimonials


Online schooling offers a unique opportunity for students, particularly those who have struggled in traditional schools or cannot fit the rigid schedule of a regular school into their lifestyles. Students of all academic levels, including those with disabilities, have found SDVS to be a great fit for their educational needs. Our virtual school is committed to meet students exactly where they are and partner with them to achieve success and meet their educational goals.

We have gotten a lot of feedback from students and parents over the years, and we really value what they say. Here are just a few things we’ve heard about our curriculum, our staff, and the overall online schooling experience with SDVS.

  • The online schooling staff is passionate and dedicated, and they love encouraging students and walking with them through their educational journey. The teachers are exceptionally attentive and helpful, as well as communicative with both students and parents.
  • A student’s virtual learning experience and academic proficiency go hand in hand, and SDVS’s virtual school teachers are incredibly supportive and truly care for their students with compassion and understanding. The teachers are patient and kind, and they strive to keep the students focused and motivated.
  • The online schooling techniques are incredibly efficient. The staff endeavors to help students make the most of their time in the virtual school environment, which means that they not only learn a great deal, but they also don’t spend countless hours each day doing busy work that doesn’t result in much education.
  • The curriculum is challenging and relevant, which just contributes more to the quality of the virtual learning experience. The teachers are exceptional and many parents and students have recommended San Diego Virtual Schools to countless acquaintances.

We truly honor, respect, and appreciate the input of our current and former students. We value what they have to say about their virtual learning experience, and we take to heart what they tell us about their time at SDVS. We constantly strive to improve the experience that our students and their parents have with us, so the feedback we receive is incredibly important to us.

We appreciate all of our current and former students and their parents, and we are thankful for the opportunity to serve you and provide a quality online education.