How to Stay Connected While Learning Remotely

When you’re learning and studying remotely, it can require new techniques to make friends and connect with students and teachers. The tips below can be a great way to meet new people even if you can’t meet them face to face.

how to stay connected while learning remotely


●    Use modern/popular communication tools to communicate with teachers such as Google Hangouts.
●    Get out in the community; bring your laptop to Starbucks or a library and say hi to other students, or do your Physical Education activities at the local park.
●    If your school has office hours or a place to meet with teachers, say hello to fellow students who are there too.
●    Check in regularly with your friends from your previous school or neighborhood.
●    Volunteer in your community or get a part-time job if your schedule allows.
●    Communicate any struggles you are having with your studies to your teachers.
●    Don’t be afraid to use the phone to call teachers when you need assistance.
●    Join in for local extracurricular activities when you are interested in them.
●    Reach out to people working in your career/field of interest and ask questions.
●    Attend school field trips.


Do you have any additional tips to help online students stay connected? Let us know!