The Student Experience at SDVS

San Diego Virtual School (SDVS) is a comprehensive educational experience for students in middle school and high school. Online education has been on the rise in popularity, allowing families with busy schedules and students with unique learning preferences to get the education they need.

San Diego Virtual School is not meant to be a school to be considered “second to” other schools: SDVS is another powerful educational option that is available for students and families that have different lifestyles and gives students the ability to have better control over their education.

At San Diego Virtual School, we want to see your child succeed and we give you the tools to help.

Benefits of Online School

As an online school, San Diego Virtual School gives tremendous amounts of educational freedom to students and their families.

Learn and study whenever you want, anywhere you want.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

With online education, you get full control over when you take your lessons, when you study, and when you test. You get to pick where you want to study. At a desk? In the living room? At a library? As long as you have an internet connection or your location has access to Wi-Fi, you can learn and study anytime, anywhere. The choice is yours.

Educational Support

You can get individualized help with your academics from San Diego Virtual School’s dedicated teachers. Teachers are available by phone, e-mail, or instant message and are always willing to help you succeed.

Each student has access to their assigned teacher, along with other subject-area teachers and school counselors who will get to know you by name and will be committed to helping you succeed.

Quality & Respected Education

The San Diego Virtual School educational experience is a world-class program that is offered by an accredited, public charter school. When you choose SDVS, you can expect high quality online courses, California-credentialed teachers, and technology built specifically for online education.

Choose Your Own Schedule

With an online school, you have a lot more control over what classes you take. While you still have to meet certain academic requirements set by the state, you have more leeway on what classes you take and when. You’ll also have the option to choose for electives, depending on how you structure your education each year.

Learn At Your Own Pace

With online school, you don’t have to worry about learning at the “average” pace. If you work faster than average, you  won’t feel stuck or bored in class. Instead, you will have the opportunity to work through your classes at a faster rate. On the flipside, if you need to take more time, online education will give you the reprieve from having to rush and constantly catch up with classmates.

Check out our video to learn more! If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us at SDVS.