Time Management Tips for Virtual School Students

time management virtual school

Successful time management is a skill that is extremely beneficial for all students, at all levels. However, virtual school students will be faced with a unique set of challenges because the classroom setting will be unique from traditional schools and the courses will be presented online. Virtual students will be more responsible for managing their time and keeping up with class work because scheduling and time will not be measured by bells are handled completely by teachers. The student will have a much larger role in planning their day and keeping up with it, and here we provide time management tips for virtual student to help improve your success.

Learn the Power of Organizing a Schedule

The first step to managing time is to find a yearly or school year calendar that has the space you need to plan your day out, and you can use a huge white board, a notebook, or online tools. You will want to be able to plan out at least six weeks or more in advance so that you can schedule study time for big exams in the future and you can see when events can get in the way of progress such as a family trip or a long tournament for a sport the student plays, and you can plan around them.

Remember that it takes time to cultivate time management skills, and as you get better at organizing your schedule in advance, students will be able to spot the areas that they are not successful. For example, if you schedule study time every evening at 6 pm, and end up staring at the wall thinking about what’s for dinner and get very little accomplished, try wiggling the schedule around and placing that task in a time slot that you are more focused during.

Eat the Frog First

Many people have heard of eating the frog first, and the general idea is to do the most dreaded task first thing in your day. While this isn’t always an option depending on your schedule, you should always try to get your least favorite part of the virtual school day completed so that you can move through your schedule without trying to procrastinate that one thing that you know will make you drag your feet.

Manage Your Resources and Stay Organized

Even if you are not organized in any other area of your life, when it comes to being a virtual student, you should have your resources prepared ahead of time and readily at hand. If you scheduled allows for two hours to study for a big exam, and spend the whole time making flashcards, printing worksheets, and locating online tools, then you may get a lot accomplished, but it won’t be studying.

Let the Teacher Know When You Are Getting Overwhelmed

If your schedule is packed and you are just not accomplishing everything you need to in your day, then you should let your parents or a teacher know. Show them your schedule and how you are managing your time, and they can help you learn how to better prioritizes each task.