Top 10 Books to Have on Your Summer 2019 Reading List

Top 10 Books to Have on Your Summer 2019 Reading List

Summer reading has a long history in schools, often marked by unwilling students or simple disobedience in completing book lists. As schools see more and more the impact of reading proficiency struggles in students young and old, they are pushing more for reading discipline both during the school year and in the summer. Whether you are an avid bookworm or a hesitant reader, picking up a few books throughout the summer will help you retain what you learned last year, prepare yourself for the upcoming year, and improve literacy skills and reading proficiency. All of these things are important factors in your success, both during your schooling years and beyond.

It’s one thing for students to say they’re going to read a certain number of books over the summer, but it’s a completely different thing for them to have a set list of books they actually want to read. While some schools assign specific books to entire classes or grades of students, other schools allow students to pick certain books for themselves, often from a pre-determined list set by educators within their district or the state. Having a set list of summer reading books at the start of the summer will help students to stay on track with their reading progress and set time-specific goals for themselves when it comes to completing those books. Having a set time each day to read, picking out a specific spot in which to read, and setting a completion date for each book are all great ways to stay on track with completing a summer reading list this year. If you’re a high school student looking for some great reads to dive into this summer, here are our top 10 books to have on your summer reading list for 2019.

I’ll Never Tell by Catherine McKenzie

Being released on June 1, this murder mystery is already making waves amongst high school students and young adults. A 20-year-old unsolved murder, the shocking murder of parents of 5 adult kids, and weighty decisions about a piece of property all pull the reader into this intense and well-written page-turner.

Searching for Sylvie Lee by Jean Kwok

This dramatic mystery novel introduces readers to the Lee family, a Chinese immigrant family who has seen their share of hard times and mysterious circumstances. When the eldest daughter visits the Netherlands to say goodbye to her dying grandmother, she vanishes. Her younger, timid sister goes searching for his missing sister, only to discover deep, dark secrets about her family that turn her entire world upside down.

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong

A gripping novel about identity, Vuong’s debut novel has been called “the most important debut novel of many years.” It includes a complete exploration of class, race, and masculinity, as well as an examination of the importance of telling your own story and healing from your own life while still loving others well. This book is powerful and gripping, and it will encourage readers to examine themselves and further explore their personal identity.

Recursion by Blake Crouch

For those more scientifically minded, this new novel from Crouch is a thriller, science-fiction story, and fierce page-turner, all in one. A New York City police officer and neuroscientist work together to explore “false memory syndrome” and to try to create something to preserve memories, all the while fighting a dark force that seeks to destroy people’s minds and the past.

An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

A psychological thriller written by the same authors as The Wife Between Us, this novel begins with a simple psychological study about ethics and morals.  Quickly, the lines are blurred between the study and the real world, the experiments and normal life. The relationship between study participant and scientist gets interesting and intense, and the book is full of shocking twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat and devouring the novel.

Under the Table by Stephanie Evanovich

Called a modern twist on My Fair Lady, this romantic novel follows Zoe, a recently divorced Midwesterner who moves to New York to clear her mind and explore her independence. She meets an awkward, shy, and reclusive millionaire, who she turns into her personal project. A new wardrobe and a splash of confidence later, Zoe starts having feelings for her makeover subject but is unsure of how he feels.

Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian

This enchanting fantasy novel follows Theo, a girl who had her throne stolen from her in a cruel and despicable way. She suffers for years as a prisoner of her enemies, being abused, ridiculed, and held captive in her own palace. Theo determines that mere survival is no longer enough and she must fight with her sharper-than-a-weapon mind to take back her throne and save her people.

Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart

Imogen and Jule are best friends who share their deepest secrets. Flash forward, and Imogen is nowhere to be found but Jule is calling herself Imogen and living in a fancy resort. With an exploration of class conflict, mysterious yet often overlooked details, and a gripping ending, this novel is sure to keep readers quickly turning pages and re-reading the entire book over and over again.

Americanized: Rebel without a Green Card by Sara Saedi

A true story that is sure to make you laugh, this novel follows Sara, an Iranian-American teenager who discovers at age 13 that she is an illegal immigrant in the US. The balance of her fears, from being deported to being the only girl without a prom date, will meet readers right where they are and leave them nodding along with Sara’s struggles.

Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

Apartment sitter Jules Larsen has strict rules about the apartment she’s taking care of, but she slowly begins to discover that the building, the residents, and her surroundings may not be what they seem. She meets another apartment sitter who confirms her suspicions, but then her new friend suddenly disappears. Jules must work quickly to unmask a number of hidden details of her temporary residence before it’s too late.