What Are the Principles of English Language (EL) Learning?

At San Diego Virtual School (SDVS), we provide comprehensive English Learning programs for students of all academic skill levels. Our EL programs are designed to get any student comfortable with the English language, from foreigners learning English for the first time to native English speaking students looking to improve their command of the English language. Our education system operates around a sound system of practices, services, relationships, and approaches to teaching and learning that result in an effective and efficient twenty-first education for all English learners.

English Learning Program

For the most effective English Learning strategies, our education system utilizes four core principles of the English Language (EL) learning:

Principle One: Assets-Oriented and Needs-Responsive Schools

This principle looks at whether or not a school or English Learning program is responsive to the strengths, needs, and identities of individual and collective English learner (EL) students. At SDVS we support the socio-emotional health and development of English learners by adapting to the needs and academic strength in our English Learning program.

Principle Two: Intellectual Quality of Instruction and Meaningful Access

By engaging in developmentally appropriate learning experiences, English Learning programs can create high levels of English proficiency, both in the written word as well as in verbal communication. This principle emphasizes integration of language development, literacy, content learning, in addition to providing access for comprehension and participation through native language instruction and scaffolding.

Students going through SDVS English Learning classes online will have access to a curriculum that is relevant and full standards-based. This provides your children with the opportunity to learn and master the English language by developing proficiency through ongoing classes.

Principle Three: System Conditions That Support Effectiveness

Each level of the school system has educators and leaders that are both knowledgeable of and responsive to the needs of English Learners, their families, and the schools they attend. These levels include state, county, district, school, and pre-school systems. San Diego Virtual School utilizes valid assessments and data systems that provide continuous improvement to the education provided to English Learning students. The English Learning program helps to build up the capacity and expertise of teachers and staff to better leverage the strengths and meet the needs of their English Learner students at SDVS.

Principle Four: Alignment and Articulation Within and Across Systems

When students are going through an English Learning program, they’ll experience a coherent and articulated set of practices across all grade levels. A strong foundation is built in early childhood with attention being provided towards the identification of strengths and needs of each student. As students progress through grade levels, reassessment or reclassification may be done in order to provide more accurate and relevant English Learning education. Each English Learning online class is designed to help develop strong English communication skills and literacy, which will allow them to have a stronger presence as they go through advanced education like college and their chosen careers.

These four core English Learning principles are incorporated into our English Learning classes online, right here at San Diego Virtual School.

English Learning Strategies

At San Diego Virtual School, your children can become proficient English speakers and writers by participating in English Learning online classes or in-school English Learner programs. With the four core principles of English Learning, students and their families will see tremendous growth in their ability to understand and communicate through the English language. The way the English Learning program is designed, students get the education they need, from first time English speakers getting their fundamentals to more proficient English speakers working on developing a mastery of the English language.

Contact SDVS today to learn more about our English Learner programs, English Learner online classes, to answer any questions you have about English Learning, or to enroll in a class.