What to Look for in a California Online School

Online schooling has been growing in popularity for years, and attendance at these unique institutions is at an all-time high. Nearly half of US states now offer tuition-free online high school programs for local students, including California. For students under 21, high school courses can be completed online at no cost, provided that students live within a particular area that the school serves. While some online schools do have tuition costs, such as private school options, many accredited online high schools are tuition-free and provide a quality education for California students.

Accreditation and Student Success

When you’re searching for the best online schools in California, you want to ensure that the school you’re considering is accredited. This simply means that the school has been reviewed and evaluated for providing a quality education, a reputable faculty, and sound objectives and goals for the school as a whole, as well as for its students. Those seeking online high schools in San Diego or other areas of California should be wary of newer schools who may be unaccredited or who may be generally disorganized, unfocused, or unprepared to handle educational requirements.

Qualified Faculty & Helpful Tech Support

Teachers and instructors play a huge role in the quality of a school and the education its students receive. Those searching for online schools in California should look at the educational and professional experience of the staff members, as well as their personal ideas about education. Every student deserves the opportunity to succeed, and passionate, caring teachers can completely transform a students’ entire educational experience. Additionally, due to the nature of online schools, helpful and attentive tech support is an absolute must. Students should be able to get in touch with technical support personnel at any time, and they should be kind, patient, and knowledgeable individuals who will walk students through resolving whatever issue they are facing.

Course Offerings & Scheduling Flexibility

The course offerings are absolutely key when you’re looking for the best online schools in California. Some online schools provide very few course options, while others will provide many options for students to have a comprehensive education and a wide range of experiences during their time in high school. Flexibility is a huge benefit of online high schools in San Diego, but not all schools are alike in their flexibility. Some require students to log in to classes at a particular time, while others allow students to work at their own pace and in their own time, offering complete flexibility and absolute freedom in scheduling.

San Diego Virtual School Should Be Your Choice for Online High School in San Diego

SDVS is a fully accredited, free public charter school with a variety of online course offerings and complete scheduling flexibility. Our instructors are passionate, caring, and qualified individuals who love helping students achieve academic success. Our tech support is unmatched in the state, and our commitment to student success makes us one of the best online schools in California. Get in touch with SDVS today to learn more about our programs or to get started with your application.