Why SDSU and CSU San Marcos are Great Colleges

With a diverse and talented student body, nationally recognized academic programs, and famous alumni, San Diego State University and CSU San Marcos offer unparalleled opportunities for students to embark on their college career. If you are searching for the right school, these two universities have a lot to offer, especially for the ambitious and entrepreneurial student. Here are some reasons to consider these highly ranked Southern California colleges.

5 Reasons to Attend SDSU

Why SDSU and CSU San Marcos are Great Colleges

Why SDSU and CSU San Marcos are Great Colleges

  1. All-Star Alumni

Matt de la Pena, an award-winning young adult and children’s author, earned his Master of Fine Arts in creative writing in 2000. In the early days of SDSU, legendary movie star, Gregory Peck attended acting classes here before breaking into Hollywood. Other notable alumni include: Ralph Rubio, who is the founder of Rubio’s restaurants, Jim Sinegal, who co-founded Costco, and Thom McElroy, who is a co-founder of Volcom.

  1. Engagement in a Global Community

With many volunteer opportunities, study abroad programs, and student and professional societies, SDSU bolsters a strong sense of community among students and faculty. With a well-rounded college experience that goes beyond academics, students are prepared for the challenges ahead in their chosen fields.

  1. Academic Excellence

According to the annual ranking of America’s Best Colleges by U.S. News & World Report, SDSU is ranked in the top 150 national universities. It also prides itself on producing the highest number of Fulbright scholars in the nation with 74 awards to students in the last 10 years. SDSU also has nationally recognized graduate programs that are highly respected in their fields, including audiology, clinical psychology, public health, and speech language pathology. Additionally, their international business undergraduate program is ranked No. 9 in the nation.

  1. Nationally Recognized Entrepreneurship Programs

At the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center, students are given the tools and guidance they need to succeed as a leader in business, technology, and other industries. For bright students with innovative business ideas, the Zahn Innovation Center helps students and faculty launch companies in a range of disciplines. Thanks to programs like these, SDSU made the ranking of No 23 on the list of America’s Most Entrepreneurial Universities by Forbes magazine.

  1. Ground-Breaking Research

Classified by the Carnegie Foundation as a public research university with high research activity, SDSU is the epicenter for world-renowned research. In fact, climate scientists recently discovered that more methane is released from the Arctic tundra during cold months, a finding that has ushered in a new baseline for global climate research.

5 Reasons Why CSU San Marcos is a Great College

Why SDSU and CSU San Marcos are Great Colleges

Why SDSU and CSU San Marcos are Great Colleges

  1. Quality Education

CSU San Marcos prides itself on academic excellence, a long-held tradition in the California State University system. Since it opened in 1988, CSU San Marcos has given students the opportunity to learn from dedicated professors who are leaders in their fields. The hands-on, student-centered approached gives learners the tools they need for academic success.

  1. Great Location

Situated in the foothills of San Marcos, the 304-acre campus is near many popular attractions and natural wonders, making outdoor adventures easily accessible to students. With the best in art, culture, and entertainment, San Diego is the crown jewel of Southern California, not to mention the beautiful stretches of coastline for hiking and surfing.

  1. Student Diversity

With successful initiatives like the Beyond The Stereotype Campaign, CSU San Marcos has been a leader in supporting a diverse student body, faculty, and staff. For the second year in a row, the university was honored with the 2015 National Diversity Award, the only national higher education diversity award in the country. Students from all backgrounds can find a learning sanctuary at CSU San Marcos, a place where freethinking is encouraged.

  1. Affordable Tuition

Compared to private universities, the tuition is up to 70% less expensive. In fact, the non-profit organization Educate to Career, recently ranked CSU San Marcos as No.13 for Best College Value. With rising tuition costs and living expenses, students can rest assured that they can receive higher education degrees they can afford.

  1. Business and Leadership Programs

At the Center for Leadership Innovation and Mentorship Building, students have the opportunity to take on leadership roles that foster innovation, research, and collaboration with local businesses. For ambitious and career-minded students, these programs can help them gain real-world experience, making them stand out in their chosen field.

Serving the San Diego region, SDSU and CSU San Marcos are proven leaders in academic excellence in higher education. From famous alumni and nationally recognized academic programs to its ideal location in Southern California, students will have the chance to achieve their academic goals after graduation.

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